Cape Town

Unlike its past, art, culture and entertainment in Cape Town has grown to such an extent that it has given people locally and internationally the chance to get an insight of what the dynamic city has to offer culturally. They serve to also reflect the lifestyle of the Capetonian people.

Cape Town is a melting pot of several cultures, with people of various cultures having migrated to Cape Town years ago. This melting pot and merging of the different cultures has resulted in Cape Town being a cultural hotspot. Cape Town is known for its cultural heritage with elements of Western as well as African cultures infused.

The city is blessed with a population with diversity. Inhabited over the years by many cultures like French, Dutch, Malaysian, British and so on, even the art that is present in the city reflects this rich diversity. The city is also home to several theatres like Theater on the Bay, Comedy Warehouse and Artscape. Operas, concerts and plays are regularly held in these public venues to entertain the country as a whole. Having said this, music is also prevalent here. Music has grown over the years in the city that there are now some well-known dance and music groups. For instance, the Jazz Dance Theater is a popular dance group based in Cape Town and is popular in the whole country for its unique style of rendering dance.

For those interested in artifacts and historical items, Cape Town is home to several good museums. These museums includethe District Six Museum and the South African Jewish Museum. Each of the museums reflects a different aspect of the Capetonian lifestyle and history. Any visitor will also make special mention of the beauty of buildings in the city.

Rightfully, architecture in the city is known to be a stylish blend ofvarious architectural flairs. The city has several buildings to stand testimony to this. These include historical buildings like the Houses of Parliament, Jewish Museum, Castle of Good Hope and Bertram House to list a few. These buildings also have resemblance to the cultures that moved to Cape Town like Dutch and French.

Just like architecture and the arts, the cuisine is also a result of several cultures. The significant trademark of Capetonian cuisine is that of a blend between Western and Oriental touches. Traditional dishes prevalent here include Butternut Soup, meat stew known as Bredie, Bobotie, a local version of Shepherd’s Pie and the towns own Apple Cake, in short is a foodie’s delight!

With the combination of all the above, it is no wonder why the city has a bustling creative scene which constantly attracts local as well as international visitors. In order to continue being the creative capital, Cape Town is constantly striving to support and nurture the culture and knowledge economy.

More recently, the city is bidding for the World Design Capital Award to be given in 2014. To this end, the city with the support of the country is drawing on its local resources, infrastructure and bountiful talent to position Cape Town as a creative force to be reckoned with.

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