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About Us

January 11, 2011 by CTGManager

About us

We are a family run business that has been operating since 2002 in the field of tourism and allied industries. This has been promoting inbound tours and visitors. After 2 years of intensive research globally and with the support of both local government as well as EEC backing, we have invested heavily in IT development. We have officers in both the UK and also South Africa which enables us to be in front of the global market promoting all our online clients business concerns face to face.

Prior to our return to Europe in late 2006 we had lived in South Africa for over 25 years and understand the country and its diverse cultures. We have built up many friends and associates over this period around the globe and in Australia and other European countries. We believe we can promote all that South Africa & all the countires that surround it have to offer, both on the tourism and business side.

Our team consists of

Dave Bell – Founder

Founded the business with his wife Melanie in 2002 with a love of the country and all its cultures. Dave has the total passion and belief in what South Africa has to offer all visitors. He has operated at all leading levels within global industries with a huge contact base and he is now using this experience to advise the directors.

Mel Bell – Founder

Mel founded the business with Dave in 2002 and she is now involved by advising in the creative side which she is very passionate about and has a huge love for South Africa.

Semantica Digital (Pty) Ltd – Joint Venture Partner & Online Marketing Team

Based in Cape Town, Semantica’s team have many collective years of working with brands of all sizes. Their expert services include web design, online marketing,¬†digital strategy consulting as well as digital marketing workshops on various topics ‘Internet’. Semantica together with Dave’s enthusiastic team plans to take the African Travel Solutions website from strength to strength as they continually strive to improve the efficiency and visibility of the site online.

Leon Bell – Director/Professional Golfer

Leon was born in South Africa and he has spent most of his life there. He has been playing golf for 10 years and his now moving to New Zealand to further development the business in Australia as well.has just turned professional. He is a very proud South African and he relishes the opportunity to take the business to the very highest level by using his contacts within golf and the sporting industry.