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September 20, 2012

Samara Private Game Reserve

Your Commitment to Samara is our Commitment to Conservation

Heart-stoppingly beautiful, is how award-winning Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape is best described.

Elegant lodges provide luxury accommodation nestled between an amphitheatre of mountains on 70,000 acres, where wildlife roams again. An amazing life-changing and wonderfully relaxing experience awaits, so come and walk with the cheetah as you celebrate the rebirth of a unique piece of Africa and experience a luxury safari in the Graaff-Reinet region of the Eastern Cape.

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Unparalleled and humbling experiences await you at Samara. With four of the country’s seven biomes, Samara’s abundant wilderness preserves a complex and diverse ecosystem, providing habitat for over 60 mammal species. Among more common species, such as the Kudu and Duiker, the secretive Aardvark and the once-endangered White Rhino roam. Giraffes can be seen peeking over the thorny Acacia canopy, while Cheetah crouch, hidden in the grass, waiting for an opportunity to stretch their legs and test the speed of the Hartebeest.

Whether ensconced in the comfort of an open game viewer, or trekking through the fragrant Karoo bush, you will feel the deep pulse of the Karoo that makes Samara truly magical.

Discover the secrets of Samara as you explore the untouched Plains of Camdeboo that once staged massive migrations of millions of Springbok. Fossils that predate the dinosaurs and well-preserved Khoisan paintings offer a fascinating insight into some of the historical intricacies of our Earth’s past.

Begin the journey of revitalisation on your ‘birding safari’, where you can witness the hauntingly beautiful Blue Crane mating dance, soaring pairs of Black Eagles near Eagle Rock, witness the strutting Secretary Bird and marvel at the wing span of the Kori Bustard – also plant a spekboom and explore the ancient rock art before relaxing for an afternoon of indulgence with spa treatments, Karoo cuisine and sunset game drives.

Thinking Safari:

A different approach to the usual Safari – be a part of something more. Learn about our conservation efforts and plant a spekboom to off-set your carbon footprint. Read animal tracks as if reading a book, or simply let your imagination go back in time as you view the ancient bushman paintings.

Biome Walks:

Samara Private Game Reserve is unique in that the property consists of four Biomes – Nama-Karoo, Plateau Grassveld, open Savannah and Thicket. You will be taken on a memorable walk accompanied by one of our highly qualified rangers, who will share his extensive knowledge of the individual characteristics of each of these biomes.

Walking Safaris:

Our Walking Safaris specialise in all aspects of getting closer to nature and learning to track animals and approach them on foot. Study the finer detail of the bush and experience the feeling of wide open spaces around you – no vehicles, no noise, no rush. Whether walking through a river, up the mountains, or on the open plains of the Karoo, we have something for every hiker.

Landscape Safaris:

A Safari that gives you the feeling of being on top of the world. Travel up the steep mountain pass in a 4×4 vehicle and enjoy truly breathtaking scenery. View our pristine landscape which will leave a picture in your mind that lasts forever. Surrounded by mountains with the Plains of Camdeboo spread out below you, imagine the largest migration of Springbok which used to take place across the Karoo.

Aardvark Safaris:

The Aardvark is one of the most widespread mammals in Africa, but also one of the most unseen creatures that Africa has to offer. Take this rare opportunity to experience these amazing creatures in their natural environment by joining us on a Night Safari at Samara.

Bird Watching:

There are just over 200 species of birds recorded on Samara Private Game Reserve, so this is a bird watcher’s paradise. In August you are most likely to view the endangered Blue Crane flocks of 250 – 300 birds, and may be lucky enough to see Black Eagles soaring below you from Eagles’ Rock, one of our magnificent view points.

Samara is located in the Eastern Cape, near Graaff Reinet; about 2 1/2 hours drive from Port Elizabeth. Guest can self-drive directly to Samara or fly into Port Elizabeth from where the lodge can assist with transfers. Samara also boasts a private landing strip for direct charter to the lodge.

Accessing Samara By Road:

The recommended route from Port Elizabeth takes the R75 towards Graaff-Reinet for 258km. Turn right and take the R63 towards Pearston/ Somerset East for 7km. Turn left onto the Petersburg gravel road and drive 23km to reach Karoo Lodge.

Accessing Samara By Air:

Daily flights from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Air charters from Port Elizabeth to Samara (gravel airstrip) can be arranged on request.

Samara Private Airstrip Co-ordinates:
E240 45min 48 sec
S320 26 min 34 sec
Length –1500 m

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