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February 28, 2016

“A Year of Celebration for Londolozi on their 90th Birthday”

A Year of Celebration – This year Londolozi celebrates a massive milestone: Her 90th birthday.
As you can imagine, nine decades of safari has countless chapters and each one has bought with it adventures, friendships, family and priceless moments. The sense of grace, love and gratitude is immense and in fact we struggle with where to begin expressing something so profound. But as we glance back at our journey, there are three threads that forever weave themselves at the core of the Londolozi story and these steadfast keys are the restoration of land, the wildlife and the people… Mother nature in all her forms… So this year we’ve decided that just one big party wouldn’t do this journey justice. Instead we’re going to dedicate a year to the momentous occasion; we’re going to live the celebration. We’re going to thank the land for the inspiration and sustaining power it has given us, we’re going to celebrate the mother leopard who bought us her wisdom and the way forward and we’re going to celebrate the people that have enriched the tapestry of Londolozi’s 90 year history. To do this properly, we need to start where it all began. And so we begin with a celebration of the soil, the roots, the winds and the rain that originally drew us all to this landscape and has sustained this magical place over time. The land lies at the foundation of our story; it was here long before we came and it and will continue long after we are gone.
Join us in celebrating the gift of having a landscape, that at our core, we all belong to…

Click here to watch our video, which celebrates the land and all that she has given us.

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Until the next time…
Live your adventure,
Live Safari.
With Love
The Londolozi Family
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