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December 10, 2012

Africa Balloon Safari

The experience of a hot air balloon safari

Read what others are saying about the magic of seeing Africa from a hot air balloon!

– It provides a different perspective: “At dawn, the balloon takes off, rising as the sun is coming up and floating in whichever direction the winds of the morning are moving. The pilot can precisely control the altitude of the balloon – sometimes at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the wildlife below.” – Ed Goldswain at

– It´s magical: “Drifting through the skies, you look over the edge of the basket and your eyes are filled with the stunning landscape below you. This is the magic of hot air balloon safaris” – The Africa Travel blog at

– You can listen to the silence of the nature: “With a hot air balloon the advantages are obvious: no engine noise will disturb the experience, the trip level is so low that you get to see yet sufficient, and especially the travel speed on the Safari participants in the airviel more alive to participate on the ground than an expected airplane flight of the case” – http://blog/hot-air-balloon-safaris-south-africa

– You can live the peace of the wildlife: “The exceptional peace of this unique and beautiful view of the world” – Bill Harrop at

– It´s romantic: “It is impossible not to get lost in the romance of Africa’s sprawling wilderness areas. Imagine the romance of a balloon safari, a starlit bush dinner or a champagne toast at sunset” – Mahlantini travel blog at

– And more romance: “A balloon safari is probably the most romantic way to discover Africa’s wildlife treasures! As its name entails, it is a safari experience whereby tourists have a unique perspective of the wildlife below; from a hot air balloon.” – Michael Theys

Don’t you feel like flying with us?

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