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June 29, 2015

African Travel Solutions & The Londolozi Family Newsletter

The Power of Youth

“The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.” – Benjamin Disreali
This month we celebrate the youth of our country and remember those young people whose actions wielded significant change for the future of South Africa on the 16th June 1976. As many as 20,000 students marched against the South African Education system that forced black schools to use Afrikaans and English as the language of instruction. Known as the Soweto Uprising, the 16th of June will be remembered for the many brave young people who stood by their convictions and let their voices be heard.
If the youth of a nation are indeed the trustees of posterity, then we have been blessed this winter at Londolozi. This months newsletter showcases many of the young animals we have had the good fortune of seeing. In a beautiful photo journal we explore their playful nature while our most ‘aww’ and ‘oooh’ moment must be the video of the Nanga Female and her cub. The little cub is sadly no longer with us, but in the brief period that she graced us with her being, she left a huge impact on many people.

As we say goodbye to June, scroll on to reflect on the highlights and let your wilderness adventure begin…

“All of a sudden, we felt as though one of our first ever game drives had erupted into a scene from a National Geographic special they’d likely take years to capture of film…” Read More.

Lion update: The Matshapiri newcomers. Who are they are where have they come from? Read More.

Being terrified as she began her career as a Londolozi ranger, Jess MacLarty shares her story of overcoming fears and tackling new challenges read more

A struggle to unlock horns between two impala rams results in an unwelcome and unexpected struggle… Click here to view this extraordinary sequence.

A special video tribute to the Nanga cub who lived a short but meaningful life. Find out why he is already one of Londolozi’s favourites.

In honour of Father’s Day we take a look at why the Majingilane are our shining examples of what it means to be a dad… Read More.

A beautiful photographic tribute to those young animals who remind us of the innocence of youth. Read More.

“When you least expect it, the African bush can move you to tears, but in the most wonderful way.” The story of getting stuck in a riverbed that turned out to be an incredible adventure… Read More.

Using Instagram we asked you for your top wildlife questions. Read our blog for the answers from the great responses we received.

Until the next time… Live Your Adventure, Live Safari. Love The Londolozi Family

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