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October 31, 2014

Art in the Heart of Breedekloof: a wine, art & cultural experience 01 November 2014 TIME: 10:00 – 16:00

The Breedekloof Wine Valley launches “Art in the Heart of Breedekloof: A Wine, Art and Cultural Experience”

There are many reasons to visit the picturesque Breedekloof Wine Valley. It’s just over an hour’s drive from Cape Town and home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, not to mention the friendliest people, great quality award-winning wines and an abundance of activities. The latest offering will appeal to both wine and art lovers who will be able to combine their passions by adding the new “Art in the Heart of Breedekloof: A Wine, Art and Cultural Experience”, which will be officially launched on 1 November 2014, to their to-do-list.

This platform gives participating cellars a way to express their unique stories in a visual form, giving visitors to the area a fresh and new perspective of the valley, its heritage, culture, people and wine, and by doing so drawing attention to the strong community bonds which are so evident. Reaching out to the community with various creative workshops is an important part of the vision of this experience, and one of these is to provide tactile art by a gallery that is accessible to blind people. This initiative is hosted by the Slanghoek Gallery in collaboration with the Institute for the Blind – a first for South Africa. Although other artists have done tactile art in the past from time to time, according to the institute the Slanghoek Gallery is the first to offer this to the public.

Slanghoek Art Gallery
Exhibition of tactile art that is accessible to blind people done together with Institute for the Blind, and a first for galleries in South Africa. Collaboration co-curated by local artists Cornè Theron and Angeline Le Roux, SASOL winner. Exhibition opened by Angeline Le Roux. Slanghoek Art Gallery also exhibits art by established and upcoming South African artists.

TCB Wines TCB Wines host an impressive collection of antique Mercedes Benz cars (a small museum) and will show a short DVD of the history of Rawsonville and the Botha family, together with pairing their wines with their vintage cars. There will also be an exhibition of TCB Wines’ private art collection by Mainka and as a bonus Mainka will be there with some of her most recent art work on display.

Goudini Wines Will have an exhibition by Michelle-Lize van Wyk. There will also be a herb and wine pairing, which will be paired with her art.

Deetlefs Estate Dr Pierre Botes, is an orthopedic surgeon from Worcester. He believes that his work as an orthopedic surgeon is complimented by his art. He wants to contribute to harmony and beauty in life through these mediums. He brings passion and a unique set of self-taught skills to his work. This allows the beholder to discover the inward significance and honesty of art. Through diverse mediums one can experience the silent poetry of oils, the mystical language of watercolour and ink, and the soft sculpting of charcoal. He draws inspiration from natural beauty, especially the harsh South African landscape and the female figure. For more info, visit:

Badsberg Cellar
Enjoy an exhibition and insightful talk by award winning artist Renè Snyman. She will be at the winery all day.Also enjoy an exhibitionof the Hansen Preuss and an photo and wine pairing.

Botha Cellar Exhibition by artist Hanien Conradie, focussing on the endangered species of flora in the Breedekloof. Buy a special functional art wine box to display at home. Enjoy wine tasting and chocolate cupcakes.

Bergsig Estate Come on a journey and experience the rich history of the Lategan family, of days long forgotten towards new horizons and what lies ahead! Meet Lategan family members, from past to present, through unique art and a specially selected Bergsig Estate wine that has been dedicated to each. On display, our family Bible, a treasured inheritance passed down through generations, historical artifacts and antiques revealing our strong family bond.
Slanghoek Cellar Enjoy a glass exhibition by renown artist David Reede, together with wine tasting

Melody Botha
Breedekloof Wine and Tourism

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