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June 26, 2015

Celebrate with “Samara Private Game Reserve” & ATS

This is praise in itself, but to effect this in a location whose remoteness is in so many ways its underlying raison d’etre is just fantastic, and to manage this in a way that targets and delivers to a family group where adults and children are all so completely considered is just wonderful.

The Karoo does not attract the same levels of attention and wealth of description that one might see about the Kruger, or Kalahari or the Okavango. In many ways it is good that it does not, as the remoteness and emptiness would I suspect be spoiled were it to be more heavily developed. It was the sense of place, and immense feeling of space, with oneself and the animals. There is a need for patience and the widening of horizon and I found myself feeling deeply relaxed and at peace as a result.

This was as much with the actual game drives and experience of the geography as with time spent at the Manor itself.
It was a great joy to have uninterrupted time with my children
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