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December 29, 2015

Community, Devotion and Happiness: A Promise For 2016

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

As we enter a new year and a new chapter these sorts of issues become pertinent and in looking back on what we have built as a Londolozi family over the years and what we’re striving to create in the future, I found so many of the above themes common to Londolozi life.

The great sense of community we share was so apparent in our beautiful Christmas Eve festivities and the way in which Londolozi celebrated as one family throughout 2015.  This devotion also extends beyond our immediate community and onto our guests who have added to our friendship circles that continue to grow across the globe. Ryan James’ blog on Reconciliation Day reminded us of how far South Africa has come in recent years and how intricately the Londolozi story weaves in with this bigger picture. It is stories like this one that inform our 2020 Vision, which only goes from strength to strength.

But not only have the people in our community taught us so much in 2015, so too have the animals. Tom Imrie’s look back on Londolozi’s rich lion history reminds us what great lessons we have learned from these resilient animals over the years and witnessing the birth of a baby wildebeest prompts us to embrace the new, inevitable beginnings in our own lives.

As 2016 approaches, we recommit ourselves to the values of community, openness, happiness and devotion. Devotion not only to each other but also to the land and the wildlife that we so care for. Londolozi, as the protector of all living things, would like to encourage you to join us in our 2016 journey where we continue to strive towards creating a life that gives us purpose and meaning.

Below is a selection of stories from our blog over the last month. We invite you to join us as we wrap up 2015 and look towards an exciting and happy new year.

David Dampier is quite the closet photographer and we’ve decided it’s time he shares his beautiful images with you. Follow the link to see what amazing things our head of finance captures in his time off.

Tasting the Stars with Dom Perignon – A harmony between man and nature, Europe and Africa realised in a single magical African night. Click here to see the highlights of this extraordinary event.

Life begins anew at Londolozi this summer. Watch the incredibly moving footage of this baby wildebeest taking its very first, albeit wobbly steps.

We believe Adobe Lightroom is the best way to manage and edit all the photographs you take on safari. Click here to read Amanda Ritchie, Londolozi’s Studio Manager’s, top ten tips for this program.

A male leopard with only one eye does something remarkable when he comes across a warthog burrow. Follow the link to see exactly what it is he did.

The festive season is time for cheer and in true Londolozi style we had quite the celebration. Click here to see what the various camps got up to the night before Christmas.

Reconciliation Day is an important holiday in South Africa. Join us in celebrating this homage to reconciliation by watching the Good Work Foundation’s fun and very pink video.

In this heartwarming post, James Tyrrell explores the question of whether or not leopards play. Don’t miss this moving photographic essay of the Mashaba female and her cub.

Londolozi has witnessed and documented some of Africa’s most epic lion stories. Click here to read long-time ranger, Tom Imrie’s thoughts on who that one legendary lion is.
Until the next time…Live your adventure, Live Safari, With Love, The Londolozi Family & African Travel Solutions.
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