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November 13, 2014

African Travel Solutions – Kenya & Tanzania

THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS BACK!! 5 Tips How To Avoid The Stress Associated With Travel

Yeeey and the Holidays are here with us Again!!!!… The joy in my heart is too unbelievable the travelling and chilling on the beach is not a miss but before all this we all have to plan the perfect holiday for either friends and family. We did a little research on the the best 5 tips to arrange for your holiday… Take a pen and paper and get learning…..!!!!!!!!!!!

The best part about travelling with family is that apart from bonding and catching up in a different environment, it’s a superb way to explore the world and open up to learning together. Family holidays also present good opportunities to make decisions where everyone’s opinion is respected. Again, travelling together offers the parents the luxury of having fun without worrying about the everyday issues back home! But, like it is with many all-inclusive decision-making processes, planning a family vacation can leave one feeling depressed and fatigued to the point that they consider curling back under the duvet and dreaming off to their destination! To avoid such Easy Go Safaris advises parents to plan in time, and resist the temptation of playing Super/man/woman. “Depending on the age of your children, assign duties and involve them in listing activities or places they would like to engage in or go to. Involving the whole party allows you to start off on a uniform pace and expectations. Below are a few more tips to consider:

Your Budget vs Your Dream
Holidays and family vacations are known to shoot holes through purses and pockets. This is no fable. You however can avoid falling into the rut race by planning and saving ahead of time, this will allow you enough time to balance your ledger books accordingly. Planning ahead of time will also give you time to ask around for packages and deals. Try a few ideas, consider a few places. Do not skip over a favourite destination because it’s known to be a bit over your budget-who knows you might be lucky to catch them smack on their season discounts, or might have special rates for that particular room. One more important issue, find out what your package offers; are all ‘holiday activities’ covered in the cost? There is no fun in taking kids to a windsurfing location if all they do is watch others have the fun.

Home-and-Away; Hotel Matters
Similar to when travelling alone, but a little more complex; check if the hotel offers baby cots for your 8-months old. Do they have a tuck shop just in case you need extra supplies of milk and diapers? How about laundry? Unless you plan to carry a whole closet, stacking up soiled laundry for a six and four old will not add any refreshing moments on your travel diaries. Another important aspect of your stay is ascertain on whether the hotel has a kid’s club or a day-care for children, this will allow you to relax and shift your eyes to the horizon and watch the sunset without worrying about your tot slipping off the rocks or wading off to test the pool’s deep edge. On the same note, it’s important that the hotel amenities are not strictly kid-focused, but rather friendly and well integrated to accommodate both adults and children. Activities such as surfing, beach volleyball, fishing, kayaking and boat rides will be perfect family activities on a beach resort. Finally, check on forgettable bits such as hotel-destination shuttling service, safety measures for family stays e.g. adjoining doors to double rooms, balconies, corridors etc.

A Family that Plans Together…
This could be harder than financing the vacation! And especially if your twelve year old has already sketched bold dotted lines under her/his “entitlements and rights”. You can easily avoid sulking and feuds by involving both your 3 year old and his thirteen old sister in laying out the itinerary. Make sure every member of the family has something to look forward to by letting them chose their favourite activity; that to them will be the highlight of the holiday. Make it the duty of the Owner of Activity to find ways of involving the rest of the team so that every member ends up participating in the other’s most memorable holiday activity. It’s also important that you make the holiday a learning experience for the kids. Involving your kids into new activities such as mountain climbing or windsurfing, learning the foreign culture, the history and trying out local food delicacies.

Packing for Travel
This may sound easy, until you have to rummage through a Disney-world of toys for the plane tickets at the airport lounge. Be safe and pack separately; older children can share a suitcase while you share your travel case with your spouse and the one looking forward to their 2nd birthday. It will also be easier to move around for different experiences if the older children carry their own backpacks for personal belongings such as water bottles, head phones, cameras, iPads and such. This is also a good time to exercise the ideals of Young Responsible Adults you have been instilling in them all along.

A final Checklist
Assuming you followed my guideline, you must by now, have all your immunization cards stamped, your visa ready and your plane reservation set. However, counter checking will just add to your confidence and faith in a happy-holiday-ahead! Ensure your travel insurance is comprehensive, that your credit cards have no issue and that your destination accepts your ATM card. Finally, and just for matters of caution ensure that your home is under good watch while away. We do not anticipate a burglary, but neither can we rule out a stray character peeping though your windows, it’s creepy. It’s always good to have a close relation or friend aware of your whereabouts.

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Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) said the country’s tourism fraternity, led by Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism Phyllis Kandie, will join other industry players in London for the 35th World Travel Market.

“We will be in London to let the world know that Kenya is open for business and position Kenya as the ultimate holiday destination to instil desire to visit and rebuild confidence to sell amongst the trade,” KTB managing director Muriithi Ndegwa said in a statement issued in Nairobi. Tourism is the second largest source of foreign exchange revenue for Kenya after tea, with the main tourist attractions being photo safaris through 19 national parks and game reserves, though the country has been diversifying to other areas like eco- tourism, conference tourism and cultural tourism. About 46 industry players will exhibit along with KTB at the four-day global travel event. Ndegwa said KTB will focus this year on education, recovery and getting tourism back on track following recent insecurity incidents in the country so as to rebuild confidence to sell amongst the trade. Kenya’s tourist arrivals dropped by 7 per cent in 2013 compared to the previous year as a result of terrorism. The foreign tourist arrivals that year reached 860,000 against a target of 925,000, according to KTB. KTB will also host the inaugural East Africa Festival on Nov. 5, which will bring together Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda to showcase what the region has to offer in terms of food, music and culture. The festival is part of the three countries working together to promote the East Africa single visa that was launched earlier in the year. WTM is one of the key events that KTB participates in annually. The event draws thousands of trade buyers, exhibitors, media and delegates from across the world. It attracted over 50,000 delegates and over 4,000 exhibitors during the four days event in 2013.



The inaugural edition of this important event for leading suppliers and buyers from the global hospitality industry, will allow industry leaders to experience innovative solutions, inspirational ideas and unlimited opportunities to connect, all under one roof. The Mombasa Hotel Show is the premier hospitality solutions business show tailored to directly meet the needs of the hotels and lodges of the Coast region and its environs. The show, organized by Slujan Events, is aimed at giving our local as well as international product suppliers an edge by providing a platform for them to engage and interact with the businesses, hotels and lodges that are in the region. This is also an opportunity for the business community to learn more about the business trends in the Coast, their needs, know how to close business deals with the entities in the Coast, and most importantly, increase their client base and make their products and services known. Mombasa Hotel Show 2014 will be held from 13th – 15thNovember, 2014 at the Wild Waters, Nyali-Mombasa.


Mombasa carnival is the most popular festival in Kenya which celebrates the traditions and ethnicity of tribes in Kenya. This vibrant festival is held in November in Mombasa, a city that has been influenced by African and Arabic customs for many years. For this reason, it portrays African and Arabian cultures exceptionally well. This street party cranks up the multicultural energy that normally pulses through Kenya’s second city. The largest coastal port in East Africa, Mombasa has been a popular stop-off for traders since the 12th century. It welcomed ships from as far afield as the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula and changed hands among the Arab-Swahilis, Portuguese, Omanis and Brits. Today, the Swahili centre’s stew of sights, sounds and smells reflects both sub-Saharan and Arabic influences. During the carnival, your eardrums are as likely to be blasted by sassy Afropop as they are to be soothed by traditional religious songs. Many sound systems pump out taarab, which fuses the music of countries from Mozambique to Egypt. The party revolves around two parades, which converge on main drag Moi Ave. Mombasa’s melting pot of communities is represented by the floats, costumes and dancers, while stalls sell items ranging from woodcarvings to bootlegged reggae CDs. Artists from across Kenya join in the proceedings, making the carnival an inspiring introduction to East Africa’s diverse culture.

Essentials: Head to the old town for cheap Swahili cuisine, normally served in Muslim-run restaurants, where alcohol is not allowed.
Local attractions: Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in 1593, overlooks the harbour. Inland are the Rift Valley and Masai Mara National Reserve.


As you all know, the tourism industry in Kenya has never experienced so many challenges as it has in the last one year and we need your support to save it from total collapse. Many of the events have been amplified beyond the actual situation on the ground. We as one of the industry players are directly appealing to you for support and to be your ear on the ground. One of our key promise is that we will always present a local and accurate evaluation of any situation on the ground and offer appropriate advise and action. As you all know, almost all security threats have not been in the major tourism circuits and our itineraries will take our clients to areas where there are no security threats. Among other reasons why we would like to be your preferred local partner are;
• First-hand Knowledge – We have first-hand knowledge of Kenyan and East African destinations and we only use properties which we have personally experienced.
• Experience – Our staff have wide experience gained over time in the industry. In the field we pride ourselves in having excellent and multi-lingual guides while in the offices you will interact with our highly experienced tour consultants.
• Personal touch – Being a small sized company, we always give a personal touch to each and every of our clients right from the airport to the time they depart.
• Wide vehicle choices – We have a wide choice of vehicles all fitted with pop-up roofs for maximum game viewing while protected to the vagaries of nature. These comprise of extended 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers (Jeeps) to vans, each with a capacity of 8 passengers (We however always recommend guaranteed window seats with a maximum capacity of 6 passengers). We also have car hire services with a wide selection of vehicles.
• Profession and passion – The marketing director, Dr. Samuel Kuria is an ecologist and has taught at one of the leading University in Kenya for over 7 years and has handled specialized groups from many parts of the world. So be assured you will be dealing with people who have a passion of what they do!
• Best Rates – We have great rates for our standard itineraries and have similar approach for any customized itineraries.
• Sustainable Tourism-We are not in it just to make the quick buck.., we would like the treasure we have to be enjoyed by generations to come! That is why we have our environmental initiatives, as well as members of local tourism bodies such as Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO), and Eco-tourism Kenya. In addition, each of our clients gets a FREE emergency evacuation cover with AMREF.

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