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February 22, 2012

Fugitives’ Drift Lodge

A very happy new year to you all and welcome to our first newsletter of 2012.

Following on the success of last years Battlefields by Bike, we are doing it again this year. The weekend we have set aside for this is the 1st & the 2nd of June 2012. The bulk of the route is on single track from Fugitives’ Drift, crossing the Buffalo River to Isandlwana where Andrew Rattray will conduct the tour of Isandlwana. Then back on the bikes to Rorke’s Drift for the next tour and a picnic lunch before heading back to the Lodge. Non riders are also welcome and will travel in the support vehicle.
Contact us for more information

The Rattrace began in 2007 with a group of friends riding to fundraise for The David Rattray Foundation. The ride is from Isandlwana to Fugitives’ Drift and this year we are looking at incorporating some single track riding into it, as well as offering a mountain bike ride on the property the day after the Rattrace. The date for this years event is the weekend of the 21 September with the Rattrace itself being on the morning of the 22nd. It is a fun weekend, even though the fine master Chris Harvie never shows us any mercy, it’s for a good cause so please join us.
Contact us for more information

As a concession to the recession we have made our winter special even more special – it is valid from 15 April to 30 August as well as December 2012.
Contact us for more information or see the specials page on our website

Although the theme of this newsletter seems to be cycling and more cycling – it is not the new compulsory regime at Fugitives’ Drift!
By popular request we have been cutting single track on the farm and now have some fabulous rides available. For those of you who feel faint at the thought of cycling, rest assured our main focus is still the Battlefield Tours by Landover and all the other activities we offer – walking, game viewing, bird watching and fishing.

On the home front, 2012 started with some very exciting news – Andrew and Anel announced their engagement in January and will wed in October.

My new years resolution was to redo our website – I am pleased to say it is done. It has a cleaner, more contemporary feel about it and is easier to navigate.

It has been a very dry and hot summer, the lowest summer rainfall in this area since 1948 according to a local farmer who has rainfall records going back to the early 1900’s. Needless to say our guests have not been complaining about the dry sunny days especially when compared to the sub zero temperatures in Europe! Despite the drought the game is flourishing and we have 4 new giraffe.
Kind regards Nicky

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