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June 7, 2015

Good day to all our Leopard’s Tail readers! from African Travel Solutions

Father’s Day like mother’s day gives us the opportunity to celebrate our dads and show how much we appreciate them. I love these holidays, being able to do something for my dad to show him that I think he is awesome. This day is even better when you have kids of your own that you can celebrate the day with and give them the same opportunity to show their love and respect for their fathers. So with this in mind how will you be celebrating your dad this Father’s Day? A home-made gift, Breakfast in bed or a weekend away to his favourite spot in the bush at Leopard Mountain!!!

See you soon, Melissa (Lodge Manager)
On the reserve
On the 1st of May our Wild Dogs were released and it was a momentous occasion for the reserve as many of the managers, rangers and other staff members from around the reserve gathered as the d ogs took their first steps out of the boma and into the reserve, keen to start the hunt. We were privileged to find them that afternoon relaxing in the shade of a Marula Tree which is great considering that the dogs usually don’t sit still longer than a few minutes at a time, but I reckon all the excitement that afternoon had tired them out. W ith so few of them left in the world, it’s a blessing to have them with us.

It’s that time of the year to take dad out to the bush. Father’s Day is here and I think the animals know it as well, for rutting season is in full swing and all the animals ranging from the small Steenbok to the majestic Kudu are clashing horns to impress the ladies.
You could be the lucky person to win yourself and a partner a free night including dinner, bed & breakfast and game drives at the lodge. You may email us your answer to (Competition closes 16th of June 2015. Terms & conditions apply).
The Question?
How many Cheetah Cubs have recently been seen in the reserve?
Last Month’s Competition was: Name the reserve that Leopard Mountain is situated in and how many hectares is it to date?
Answer: Zululand Rhino Reserve and to date it is 23 000 Hectares

Inspiring Zulu Proverbs:
Ukhala ngaso linye. (He who cries with one eye); i.e. when a person pretends to be sorry when he is not. When a person cries, both eyes will water. If only one is watering something is wrong.

Bush Cuisine:

Nutella and Hazelnut Palmiers “Click here” to read more

Funny Bones:

Going Green read more

Guests Comments:
“A little piece of African heaven” Kristen and Quinton Armstrong

“Wonderful – thank you to all the staff for an unfrogettable experience.”Rushmann (Australia)

“An amazing honeymoon. Awesome drives, guides and food. “Adrian & Charmaine (UK)

Contact Mel @ for more information or to book an amazing visit to Leopard Mountain

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