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July 30, 2014

Good day to all our Leopard’s Tail readers!

Good day to all our Leopard’s Tail readers!

Guests often say to me… ‘What a wonderful life you lead…’ and I generally agree with them, but do mention that while our life, living in our little piece of heaven seems dreamy, it is sometimes quite hard… shops are far, doctors are far and patience is one of the first lessons you learn.

This morning I took my daughter, Rebecca for a play date with her friend down the road… (when I say down the road I do mean about 50km away) and when it was time to go and we were coasting gently down the gravel path to the main road, we came across a huge bull Elephant standing in the road quietly munching on a tree. Rebecca and I sat looking at him and chatted about what he was doing and why. After a while we were able to drive past him, and as we waved good bye to the Quiet Giant I remembered that this is a wonderful life and all the hardships are SO worth it!

Our Reserve
Zululand’s magnificent sunrises, sunsets and clear starry starry nights have taken a back seat this month with all the exciting and fascinating goings on that have been happening on the reserve.
To start with, one of our lionesses and her extremely adorable, blue eyed cubs have been making regular appearances for our game viewers, allowing us to sit with them for extended periods of time. These sightings bring joyful tears to even the most manly of guests as there is nothing like watching a tiny cub still trying to find its feet while this ultimate predator of a mom looks on so lovingly (giving us the occasional grumble to remind us that these are her pride and joy we are laughing at). One cannot help but think that these females really are some of the bravest, strongest females around to be able to raise young in such a wild and unforgiving world.

On that note, we can proudly report that probably for the first time in Cheetah history one of our regal females has managed to bring five stunning, healthy cubs into full adulthood. This is very uncommon as Cheetahs are often preyed upon by other predators such as Lion, who will go out of their way to track down and hunt these age old rivals. Thanks to the movement of the Cheetah down into the south of the reserve we were able to sit and finally view all six of them on an Impala kill. No one would have believed the amount of cheers and high fives that echoed through all the lodges after that sighting.
Brief notes on the sub-adult Cheetahs: one is much bigger than the others, one has a very short tail, and we seem to have three females and two males. They still run around and play like kittens and climbing Marula Trees and attacking mounds of sand are their favourite pastimes. It is an absolute pleasure having these guys in town. We can only cross fingers and hope that they are here to stay. Read More

This Months Competition
You could be the lucky person to win yourself and a partner a free night including dinner, bed & breakfast and game drives at the lodge. You may email us your answer to (Competition closes 5th of August 2014. Terms & conditions apply).
Solve this Riddle
What goes up and down the stairs without moving?
What am I? Last Month’s Winner
Thank you to everyone who responded to our competition! The winner of our LEOPARD MOUNTAIN competition for June 2014 is Kerry Buckle. Congratulations! You have won yourself and a partner a free night.
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