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December 7, 2012

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

Come Home To Granny Mouse

Earlier this year I decided that I was going to clear out the stock left over from a previous ceramics business that was in our barn at the farm. The dilemma faced me around what, where and how to sell the stock. I woke up one day and decided that I was not going to sell it but rather give it to people that I knew who would love the pieces and get a lot of pleasure from them. I had no idea that the simple decision made would bring me so much joy and lift a huge weight off my shoulders. The lesson I learnt is that giving is actually a privilege if you give for the sake of giving and not for the sake of something in return.

Christmas is a time of year where ‘giving’ seems to be everywhere. We give presents to the an extended list of people and all too often it for the sake of “what is expected” as opposed to a real need to pass something on and create joy. Around Granny Mouse we have some of the poorer communities in KZN who despite their situation still find it within themselves to live their lives with the true spirit of Ubuntu. I would like to invite you to share some Ubuntu and if you have anything that does not have a place in your life, please pass it on to others to whom a forgotten jersey or lamp or … will be their precious gift over the season of giving.

We have an early start to Christmas with our Corporate Year End functions moving through to Christmas Packages, Christmas Day with a varied menu and then moving straight into New Year. The GM team all split into teams at the beginning December to put up our 11 trees around the hotel. It is a night where we all have a huge amount of fun and we end the day with our Christmas party before we create dreams, gratitude and happy memories for our guests. It is a time of celebration for us all and having you with us through the season makes it all worthwhile.

So I invite you to join us as we would like to extend the gift of giving and make your reflections on 2012 distinctive, festive and most importantly memorable. Remember that anyone wanting to share Granny Mouse with their loved ones can do so with a Gift Voucher which can be used for the Spa , the Restaurants or a stay. The team and I wish each and every one of you that celebrate the different holidays in December a month of Peace, Joy and Happiness. An angel whispered that 2013 promises to be a new year with new possibilities.

We look forward to welcoming you home.

Love and Light


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