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October 26, 2014

Great Plains “Ebola Update”


Many of our guests are really worried about Ebola. One can’t really blame them given the media hysteria surrounding the story. We believe this will sort itself out in time as the world mobilises to tackle this head on.

However, we would like any guest coming to any of our properties to come for the right reasons. We would like our future guests to feel completely relaxed before they join us on their life changing experience, not stressed and half engaged because they feel ransomed. Our work, our conversations, our conservation missions are all more important than the ups and downs of this moment.

As such our stance on cancellations and postponements from guests due to their fears of Ebola is as follows:

• Should the World Health Organisation declare, in the VERY unlikely event, that an Ebola outbreak is established in either Kenya or Botswana, then NO cancellation fees will be applicable;
• If guests wants to cancel out of general concern in reaction to the current Ebola situation, which is 5000 kilometres (over 3000 miles) north and west of our camps, we would encourage those guests to look ahead and rebook their dream safari. We will hold their paid deposits for their new safari dates which can be for travel up to one year into the future. If they insist on not travelling at all the guests’s deposit is fully refundable up to 16 weeks prior to travel, thereafter standard cancellation fees will apply

We believe in working very closely with our trade partners during these turbulent times. Every single guest’s concern will be dealt with in a caring and compassionate manner from our team. We also believe the above should give you, our partner, a strong sense of security that we stand shoulder to shoulder with you and that we will overcome these challenges together.

As always we remain available to talk to you about any concern or enquiries you have.

Your Great Plains Conservation partners

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