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November 27, 2014

Joy To The World – The

As one year slips away, another dawns – December 2014 in the bush is a time for reflection – love, peace and joy. A time spent with family and friends to celebrate the special unions that we treasure. The Festive Season at Londolozi is synonymous with new life as we celebrate landscapes dotted with baby brown wildebeest and the dinkiest of highly mobile miniature impala filling the bush with energetic joy to the world.

The season brings the joy of new beginnings, rebirth of faith in what lies ahead and a growing world abundance and greater participation for all – see Abundance Londolozi’s recommended book of the year by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler.

2014 was a year in which Londolozi’s online events bore witness to this abundance – with over 50 video blogs produced. One particular recording – a standoff between a plucky porcupine and seventeen lions, captured by Londolozi Ranger Lucien Beaumont, reached over 3 million viewers and another, gave to thousands of viewers, a window into the miracle of a tiny nyala being born in the confines of Varty Camp. This represented yet again a celebration of natures ever continuing cycle of life …

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