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February 5, 2013

Julian’s (Restaurant, Gallery, Ceramic Studio)

Julian’s Art Gallery – Top quality, functional ceramics & dinnerware.

Julian Keyser Ceramics are the proud manufacturers of top quality, functional ceramics and dinnerware. The studio is situated in the small town of Bredasdorp in the heartland of the Overberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Here, at the southern tip of Africa, Julian and his dedicated team, drawn from the local community, work together to create unique handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic ware, that is highly sought after both locally and abroad.

Julian and his team skillfully manufacture and decorate a vast range of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing ceramics. Contemporary and African designs, which are all the “intellectual” property of Julian, are hand-painted onto 60 different shapes.

The success of Julian’s studio can be directly attributed to constant research and development policies regarding designs and shapes, thereby keeping
abreast of the latest fashion trends. This has resulted in his ceramics being sold in exclusive gift stores nation-wide, abroad, and used in the hospitality industry and private homes. Julian has vowed to continue with all his designs, present and future, to ensure that replacements and additions are always available.

Julian Keyser Ceramics also manufacture custom designed ware for retail outlets who prefer their own exclusive designs. This is subject to certain conditions which will be discussed with the individual retailer.New designs are launched annually at the Christmas Gift, Toy & Décor (SARCDA) Trade Exhibition held in August, and of course on this website. New shapes will be launched during the year as, and when they become available.

Facilities: •Child Friendly •Parking •Restaurant

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