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June 13, 2015

KENYA, MARA TRIANGLE with African Travel Solutions Ltd

KENYA, MARA TRIANGLE: Three, two, one, WELCOME! Everyone is at the edge of their seat as ANGAMA MARA prepares to open its doors this Sunday, 14th June 2015. What to expect? Here is our 3-2-1 countdown of the best of Angama Mara:

3 – The GAME – because it’s Kenya, and it’s the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and more specifically, the Mara Triangle.

2 – The PEOPLE – because Angama Mara is owned and managed by the dynamic Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald, industry veterans of over 30 years, who have committed every resource to building a great team.

1 – The VIEWS – because you are suspended between heaven and earth on the Great Rift Valley Escarpment, overlooking the Mara Triangle. “Being at Angama Mara is like sitting on the hem of heaven, gazing out towards the edge of the world” – Duncan Butchart, who is creating an eco-guide written and illustrated specifically for Angama Mara guests.

WELCOME to a lovely lodge, with tents that include a butler’s lobby and 180° views of the Mara from the custom-made lead skirt bath; not to mention the extensive guest area with library, verandah, deck and baraza; and the Pavillion with fitness center, pool, shop and crafting studio, all fully Wi-Fi’ed.

• LODGE OPENS: 14 June (that is 3 days away!)

• PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS: available from mid-July (we’re not sure who looks forward to this the most – the Angama Mara team or the rest of the world!)

• NEW WEBSITE: 21 July (full image gallery, plus a hundred other very cool features!)

ULTIMATE EAST AFRICA – Visit Nairobi, Samburu, Mara Triangle, cross over into Tanzania for the Serengeti, Mwiba Wildlife Reserve and end in Arusha.

With best regards,

Mel Bell CEO
African Travel Solutions
Tele: + 44 1476 530927
Mobile: + 44 7780 579306

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