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December 8, 2015

Ker & Downey Botswana scoops prestigious accolades at 2016 Safari Awards

‘Footsteps Across the Delta’, KDBs premier walking safari has won top prize for ‘Best Safari Guiding Team.’ We are delighted by the recognition of our outstanding guides, and thrilled that the safari experience achieved runner-up position in the ‘Best Walking Safari’ category and third place in the coveted ‘Best Safari Experience.’

Footsteps Across the Delta is an authentic walking safari reminiscent of yesteryear; of a time when Africa was unchartered and the first Explorers were discovering the magnificent diversity of the Okavango Delta on foot and by mekoro. Footsteps in Africa invites you to experience such adventure once again. The emphasis on rekindling the eccentricities of an ‘under canvas African safari’ whilst being able to delight in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounds.

Footsteps Across the Delta offers an exclusive comfortable camp, accommodating a maximum of six guests. Personalised service and attention come naturally in such an environment, where staff create opportunities for memories to be made.
The outstanding guides generously share the knowledge, teaching guests how to track wildlife and understand animal movement, patterns, and behaviour. Walking safaris offer a heightened sensory experience and guests will see, hear, and smell the scent of the bush as it comes alive through expert guidance.

‘Experience’ and ‘luxury’ are terms frequently associated with African safaris, and rightly so. There is a propensity for safari operators to design and deliver lavish camps, oozing opulence and grandeur. As dazzling as these accommodations are, have they not potentially created an unseen barrier against the authentic safari experience? We think it likely.
By contrast, Footsteps Across the Delta allows guests to immerse themselves in wildlife experiences during the day and on evening retire to a comfortable bed under canvas and listen as nocturnal creatures take to the stage.
For us, experience in the new luxury.
Thank you to all who voted for Footsteps Across the Delta in the 2016 Safari Awards.

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