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August 1, 2015

Le Quartier Francais News Update

Dear Travellers

We are celebrating 25 years of my custodianship of Le Quartier Francais and together we have 926 years of service – a real milestone.

It has been an eventful 25 years filled with fun, laughter and wonderful friendships, we have welcomed people from every corner of the world and made them feel part of the Le Quartier Family.

This property has grown from a stand-alone restaurant to a restaurant with rooms to “the best small hotel in the world” by Tatler Magazine – Thank you, Victoria Mather!

Margot and her team have taken South African Cuisine to a new level and have put The Tasting Room on the world stage.

All this an incredible achievement for this 21 bedroom hotel and restaurant in a village. Who could be more proud today? No–one.

Who has made it happen? – the Le Quartier Francais Family who have dedicated themselves to making sure our guests fall in love with our home, Franschhoek and South Africa!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support over the years – it has made us who we are today and it is now time for me to pass the reigns of Le Quartier Francais on to a new family and a new era.

Mr Analjit Singh and family will be the proud owners of Le Quartier Francais from 1 September 2015. Analjit has not only fallen in love with Franschhoek but appreciates the extraordinary talents of the Le Quartier Francais team.

The whole team, under the wonderful leadership of Roger, Eleanor and Margot will be here to welcome you, your friends, your guests to their home. Business as usual and even better!

I am not leaving Franschhoek but will be busy for the rest of the year with the weddings of both Simon and Justin and you will find me at Bread & Wine on our family farm, Môreson, – or at my home round the corner from Le Quartier!

So this is not goodbye, just farewell and remember the LQF family will be waiting for you.

Susan Huxter Owner

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