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March 30, 2015

Leopard’s Tail & African Travel Solutions News Update

‘Hi!’ from the manager’s desk…
Wild Dog, painted wolf… Either way, it’s all that we’re thinking about and talking about…. We just can’t wait for their impending release. While the reserve has not had a pack to call their own, we have in the past been home to a pack of traversing Wild Dogs …. I will never forget my first experience with them, picture a 40 week pregnant me bouncing around on the back of a game viewer rushing to catch a glimpse of what I had heard were incredible animals. Well, the rumours were spot on! My experience with these captivating animals was nothing short of action packed, fun filled and a little stinky… 😉 We can’t wait to give you, our most fabulous guests, this experience. Saving endangered spaces for our endangered species…. This is what it’s all about.
See you soon, Melissa
Rangers Report:
Find out what has been happening on our wonderful reserve, and read about the special sightings and encounters with our wildlife on last month’s walks and game drives… from our rangers Darren, Themba & Alden…
The Wild Dogs have arrived … As we draw closer to our release date our special fluffy friends grow more anxious to stretch their legs on the open plains.
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Get to know the African Wild Dog:
There is great excitement here at Leopard Mountain as we anticipate the release of Wild Dogs into the Zululand Rhino Reserve.
The African Wild Dog, also known as the Painted Wolf (Lycaon pictus) due to its individually unique coat markings, is one of Africa’s most efficient pack or group hunters, with kill rates reported as high as 80%. African Wild Dogs live in packs of 6 to 20 (or more) animals usually dominated by a monogamous breeding pair.
If you need any more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time @ or visit

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