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March 20, 2016

Leopards Tail March 16 with African Travel Solutions

Wild Diary
Rhino – Rhinocerotidae
Working on a game reserve you would think that we spend hours and hours on game drives enjoying this beautiful reserve we call home, unfortunately this is not the case! Recently I resolved to correct this, as there is nothing I love more spending time out on the reserve with my family and it’s almost a crime to not take advantage of what is right on our door step!
So the other day I went out on a drive not sure of what we would see but excited none the less. After about half an hour it became obvious that our drive would be themed a drive of the Rhinos. We came across a huge female and while marveling over her our guide noted that there was a baby. “A baby… where?”  I exclaimed, thinking Ivor was imagining things. But sure enough while scanning through binoculars I saw the sweetest little creature, barely taller than the grass, not much older than 2 months. And as all the ladies on the vehicle cooed over him we watched as he bounced around his mum acting just like a puppy at playtime.
So in the spirit of our epic sighting I decided that the next big five wild facts should most definitely be about this beautiful animal!
Rhinos have been around for over 50 million years. They haven’t changed much since prehistoric times (though of course they tended to be a lot woollier back then!) Some of the first rhinos didn’t have horns and once roamed throughout North America and Europe. No rhino species has ever inhabited the South American or Australian continents.
“Click here” to read more
You could be the lucky person to win yourself and a partner a free night including dinner, bed & breakfast and game drives at the lodge. You may email us your answer to (Competition closes 5th of April 2016. Terms & conditions apply). Please note you can only enter once!
The Question? How do Rhino’s communicate?
Last Month’s Competition was: How long is the gestation period of a female buffalo? Answer: –  340 days
South Africa – A World In One Country
Our Country holds an abundance of beauty and potential that literally offers something for everyone!  Things that make us so unique and a travel destination beyond compare. Here are a few reminders of why some of us live here and why some of us want to travel here! “Click here” to read more
Bush Cuisine
Easter Hot Cross Buns recipe Your guide on how to make your very own sweet spiced buns!
Nothing says Easter eating like a toasted hot cross bun with melting butter. Though it’s said the cross on the buns represents the Christian crucifixion – less than delectable imagery – the simple truth remains, these spicy Easter pastries are delicious. Try them topped with another Easter favourite: pickled fish“Click here” to read more
Funny Bones
Best Guests Comments
“Amazing experience!! Memories made to last a life time!!! We have fallen in love with the lodge and its people. It didn’t take us long to settle in and enjoy the amazing hospitality Leopard Mountain Lodge has to offer. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. The little splash pool at each room is a blessing in the sky especially during the hot summer days. The meals were very good. The attention to detail and the incredible staff make this Lodge remarkable and a step above most. A weekend we will never forget. New friendships were made. So much love for our Themba. Each and every one of you have touched our hearts. Bless you all ” – Charlotte D, Manchester, United Kingdom
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