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February 12, 2013


Despite devastating floods in Northern and North Eastern Limpopo Province of South Africa, Mopane Bush Lodge and Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site remain open for business.


All access to the area is now through Alldays as the road to Musina has lost one of its bridges and is temporarily closed.

More than an entire season’s rain fell within 3 days and the Limpopo and many of her tributaries burst their banks in what can only be described as a deluge on a grand scale. Bridges were broken and houses, cars and yes…some more crocodiles…were washed into the Limpopo river system. Several key lodges closer to the large rivers in the region were severely damaged and have been temporarily closed.

Mopane Bush Lodge remains open for business and ready to be of service to your clients. We have done extensive road repair to our access roads after the water subsided and the lodge itself is completely undamaged. Mapungubwe National Park has re-opened almost all of its extensive road network and the Interpretive Centre re-opened yesterday after a few electrical glitches were sorted out.

The veld is in a sublime state of renewal. Birding is now at its best and countless wild flowers add explosions of vivid colour to every conceivable patch of earth. Life in its myriad abundance has returned to the Limpopo valley and the landscape must now be seen to be believed.

Ancient Africa awaits you.

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