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May 24, 2015

My Trip to Jock Safari Lodge by Sheena Dovey

It has been while since I have been to Jock and Louis, the GM, has been asking me for an age to come and see what he has done to this gem located in Kruger National Park.

I arrived in from Jo’burg, and transferred from Nelspruit KMI – it took about 2 hours. On the way home I left from Skukuza – definitely the airport of choice, and the transfer takes about an hour. As you know we have the main lodge at Jock with 12 rooms, all with private pool and sala and then 3 bedrooms Fitzpatricks at Jock just down the road.

Did you know that we have exclusive rights to drive 25kms of dry river bed through the Kruger National Park – EXCLUSIVE! The game in the river bed is absolutely superb, and this oasis is for Jock clients only – this is in addition to our own concession – as well as Kruger National Park itself!

We are so very proud of our lovely new lounge at Jock Safari Lodge, a superb place to relax after an adventurous game drive, which by the way is some of the best viewing I have had in 20 years of being on safari! Big 5 in 1 hour 30 minutes!

Fitzpatricks at Jock has just 3 bedrooms, and is located about 1/2 mile from the main lodge, but works completely independently. Louis wanted me to remind you – if you book 2 of these rooms we give you the third FREE! Your own personal villa in the bush, own chef, own ranger, own vehicles! what a fantastic experience ! This is our suggested choice of lodge for children too.

Louis took me to the top of this large granite rock formation, and for 360 degrees we could see the Jock concession, it is huge, no other roads, and beyond us is the wilds of Kruger park, pure and simple wilderness! We could hear a pin drop!

Our 2 night Explorer Camp is located away from the main lodges, and with 3 very well appointed tents this is a truly wild experience – with walks morning and evening, and game wandering through camp – you can do this twice a week now Fridays and Tuesdays, plus you can extend for longer if you wish!

I learnt a new fact from Louis about these incredible termite mounds, found all over Kruger….all those thousands of termites live to serve their Queen, in their internal palace, they busy themselves making fungus inside the mound, but all mounds have a chimney – as the fungus gives off heat the chimney has heat pouring out of it, and some clever birds sit around it to keep warm! Wonderful!

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