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April 28, 2016

Nambiti Hills – Family Affair By African Travel Solutions


At Nambiti Hills, we’re always talking about our family.
There are the close-knit employees at the lodge who work so diligently as a team to ensure the ultimate private game experience for guests; making sure that they feel relaxed, revived and right at home when with us. Then there’s what we refer to as our “wild family”; big, small, tall, feathered, and camouflaged…it’s all the wildlife here at Nambiti Hills that we call our family.
A recent early morning game drive demonstrated the perfect family moment, when we came across our Elephant herd. The breeding herd is always on the move, so it’s a treat to catch them in action. And this encounter was a sure treat.
From the young calves who play between their mothers’ legs, to the protective adults who throw dust on each other and graze on the fresh green shoots, ensuring everyone is getting their share – an Elephant herd is amazing to observe, as you witness the family bond that is shared amongst every single member.
The more time you spend around the herd, the more relaxed they become with your presence. The ever-curious dominant male Elephant became particularly intrigued by us, venturing right up to the vehicle and sticking his trunk inside to take a good sniff at its occupants.
If you’ve ever had an up-close-and-personal moment with one of the Big 5, then you will know that it is both an exhilarating and terrifying feeling. Exhilarating because it’s nature at its finest, right there before your very eyes… the stuff wildlife documentaries are made of. And terrifying because, you’re at the front line with a wild animal. Nonetheless, with our experienced Rangers and being within the safety of our viewer, it is a moment you can enjoy experiencing over and over again.
We hope you’ll come and visit our wild family soon.

It’s been a special time for us Rangers at Nambiti Hills, witnessing the capture and release of a beautiful but endangered species – the African Rock Python. Read more here.

We have been nominated in the ‘Weekend Wonders – Ultimate Weekend Safari Destinations’ category by Tusker Awards! Vote here for our beautiful lodge using coupon code Nambiti323 and increase our chances of winning!
*Voting has been extended until 30th April 2016.*

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