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March 28, 2015

Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve & African Travel Solutons

A recent story of two hyenas that had trapped a lioness in a tree has been a highly talked about and shared story at the lodge. Our Head Ranger, Kelwan, was there to capture the sighting and here’s his account of what happened:

“It was an early and chilly Saturday morning game drive which had all our guests wrapped up in snug ponchos while eagerly looking out for any sign of movement on the reserve. We drove down a vast open clearing, when out of nowhere, we spotted a hyena running up and down the riverine. He stopped, sniffed the air and then disappeared again. We watched it for a bit and then continued on our drive. About 20 minutes later, we rounded a corner and saw not one, but two hyenas, sniffing around, seeming undecided on the direction they want to go in.

Suddenly, a lioness sprints right in front of our game viewer. We turn to the right and the two hyenas are hot in pursuit. The hyenas begin to close the gap leaving the lioness with no other choice but to jump almost 2 metres up an acacia tree. The tree could hardly support her weight leaving us anxious as to what would happen next. We watched, gasping, as she fluidly finds her centre of gravity and balance in the main fork of the tree. The lioness, very upset, growls at the hyenas. The hyenas excitedly circle the tree, salivating at what looks like their next meal. They planned on tiring her out hoping that she will attempt to jump out of the tree to flee.
From the distinct smell in the air, it was evident that the lioness had a similar morning and made a kill close by. We watched as the thieving hyenas looked around plotting to do what they do best – steal her kill like the true scavengers that they are. The lioness was relentless and stayed in the tree, playing out the waiting game for almost 30 minutes. She constantly growled to keep the hyenas at bay. The hyenas eventually lost interest and moved off, sniffing the air, trying to locate the kill. Just then, the lioness saw her chance, jumped down and leaped away. The bush turned quiet again, leaving our guests awestruck.”

No one can predict nor control the way of the wild. Jaw dropping adventure can be witnessed at any time. You just have to be prepared, camera in hand, for that once in a lifetime experience!

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