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March 13, 2016

Newsletter Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge March 2016 By African Travel Solutions

With New Years behind us and Easter around the corner, we have an Easter last minute special running this year once again. Book from now until the 27th March and receive a 25% discount on your accommodation when staying at Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge before the 1st of April.

When you stay with us you will meet Nola, our new and very friendly family member. Bubba and Nola became good buddies very fast. They sometimes even sleep on the same pillow  and that within a week of knowing each other. Nola is very friendly and is adapting very well to lodge life. Being lazy and getting a lot of attention from guests. She is a rescue dog and still a bit afraid of men but the amazing guests that we had  since she is with us are slowly taking away her fear and she sometimes even walks up to men for a strike over her head. She is with us now for almost 3 weeks which is just the start of a forever home.

The summer this year has really kept us waiting for some proper rain. It is supposed to be very green now but we have no grass left at all. Luckily we do still have some leaves on the trees for the browsers. The last few months we filled up our little reservoir for the animals to drink water since there was no natural water left in the conservancy. The night before last we had a constant rain during the night which finally filled up our natural dam a little bit. We can finally say we had some proper rain and we have some water again. We do have to keep on feeding the animals at the moment. This we will have to do for some time cause even with this rain now we won’t have sufficient grass available for them anymore. The season of the growth of the annual grass is over.
Our Boma is almost ready, we just need to fix the electricity and lights, get  tables and chairs and then we can finally braai at Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge to stay updated and check from when you can enjoy a dinner around the fire in the boma at Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge.
We would like to wish all of you a very happy Easter and lots of brightly colored Easter eggs.
Warm regards from the team of Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge.


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