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December 1, 2015

November Newsletter – “Malawain Style”

Following months of very hot weather rain has finally come, transforming the landscape from dry and golden to lusciously green. And with the festive season fast approaching, we have some exclusive deals on offer for a short time only.

The Malawian Style team hosted an exciting FAM trip the last 2 weeks. With the jammed packed itinerary – from the luscious bush of South Luangwa in Zambia, the stunning plains of Nyika National Park, to the crystal clear waters of Cape Maclear to the beautiful island of Mumbo, Malawi – the trip was undoubtedly a great success. The biggest highlights of the trip was the continuous sightings of leopards around Chelinda, Nyika National Park and the unbeatably abundant birdlife that thrives best during the green season.
The crystal clear waters of Mumbo Island, Malawi.
Green Season Special

Do not forget our exclusive Green Season Special from now until 30th May 2016. Choose from our fantastic selection of safari packages, tailored to your specifications and needs. Click on our video above to get a glimpse of what to expect in South Luangwa National Park. Please contact us for more information.
Green Season Safari

It was the beginning of November and it was hot, very hot. As we crossed the border from Malawi to Zambia the weather began to change, and a strong cool breeze began to blow with a faint smell of damp accompanying it. The rainy ‘Green Season’ had begun!…Read More
History of Safari – It’s been quite a journey

This article looks at how we have seen the reinvention of the Safari over the last 200 years, moving on through the slave era, towards curious exploration, to trophy hunting glory, to when we see the swapping of guns to lenses and finally the emergence of the luxury eco-tourism safari we see today…Read More
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