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January 25, 2013

Oakhurst Farm Cottages – January Newsletter

What a wonderful time we have had on Oakhurst. The past few weeks have been very busy, all the cottages were fully booked. Families walked, fed cows, cycled , ran and visited the farm musuem. It was wonderful to see how happy and relaxed families were.

Guests seemd to enjoy the fresh farm milk, othes enjoyed the freshly baked rusks and when my lovely chickens felt up to it they produced enough eggs to supply a few guests.
In the last few weeks we have employed a full time houseboy called Mike. He will be the caretaker, gardener, guide and cleaner to all the cottages. He has proved to be wonderful and takes pride in his job. The kids that have been staying, have enjoyed his chats and kicking soccer balls in the afternoon.

This week end I had a photographer come to the farm to take some pictures of the new Cottages. So, I have included some of the bedrooms and of the cottage in general to give you all an idea of what they look like inside and out.

For those of you who dont know, the cottages sleep up to seven people. One bathroom and lounge, kitchen and huge stoep looking onto the forest. It really is the perfect place for a family holiday, family reunion, retreat or team building courses.

Holly Danel Landon and Jenna having fun with Buddy

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