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July 29, 2011

Planning a wedding at the Mbalageti Serengeti Lodge

Bookings for weddings should be made as early as possible.

We regret that we cannot accept reservations between April/ June / July and August and Dec 20th – 31st


In order that a legal ceremony be carried out by a Tanzanian registrar, the following documents must be sent to us (faxed or as email attachments) at least a month before the wedding.

 Copies of birth certificate of the bride and groom.  Copies of passports for bride and groom.  Details of profession of bride, groom and parents from both

sides.  Documents of eligibility from their local parish (should

one of them be a divorcee a copy of the DECREE ABSOLUTE is required).

The registrar

In order to comply with official requirements, a copy of a letter requesting his/her presence at the event must be received by the registrar three working days before the wedding ceremony. This must include the signatures of both the bride and groom. We therefore require all couples to arrive in the lodge a minimum of three days before the ceremony.

Wedding locations

 The Campfire Terrace

The bridal bouquet

We typically offer either a traditional Freeform / Contemporary Bouquet, the colors of which can be themed to match the bridal theme. We suggest the following type of flowers: carnations, lilies(seasonal), Wild Ginger Flower

Pre-wedding preparations

Couple is been offered Pre-event Swedish massages for 1⁄2 hour each

Private dining

Our standard wedding package includes a romantic dinner for two in our private deck. It also includes a honeymoon breakfast for two in the honeymoon suite. We will also be delighted to provide other private dining options to suit our couples.

Entertainment – As per the client’s request

Family and friends

We will be delighted to offer preferential accommodation rates for family and friends.

All extras to be settled at the Lodge other than those included in your own wedding arrangements.

On the day

The cake and champagne will be served at the wedding venue (after the ceremony). Witnesses can be provided if required (who will also shower the couple with flower petals after the ceremony). The photographer will be present throughout.(if booked in Advance and will cost extra)

Wedding photography and DVDs

The photographer can be arranged at extra cost.

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