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Nov 10, 2015

“Pots of Gold at Samara”


Walking with Cheetah
The cheetah sightings this month have been amazing, providing us with great sightings. One afternoon we had an amazing sighting of a female cheetah with a young kudu kill. She is known to be quite tolerant of guest on foot and true to form, she provided awesome photographic opportunities for all present. A male cheetah has been sighted patrolling Kondoa Mountain and the southern section of the reserve.

Southern Masked Weaver ( Ploceus velatus )

The Southern Masked Weaver occurs across southern Africa even in arid areas. It generally favours semi-arid scrub, open savanna, woodland edges and riverine thicket.

It mainly eats seeds, fruit, insects and nectar, doing most of its foraging in small flocks, gleaning prey from leaves and branches, taking seeds from the ground and grass stems.

Polygamous, as males may mate with up to about 12 females in a single breeding season, living in colonies with 1-9 males in total, while each female may often rear multiple broods per breeding season. It is much less aggressive in comparison to most other weavers, although it viciously attacks Diderichs Cuckoos if they enter its territory.

The nest (see images above) is built solely by the male, consisting of a kidney-shaped structure with a large entrance on the bottom, made of woven grass, palm leaves or reeds with a ceiling of leaves, such as Acacia and Eucalyptus. If the female accepts the nest she lines the interior with leaves, grass inflorescences and feathers.  These little creatures feature prominently across the Samara landscape.

Changes to South African Visa Requirements

27 October 2015
• The unabridged birth certificates requirement for inbound travellers to South Africa will be immediately scrapped (South Africans travelling out will still be required to have the same)
• Biometric visas will be available on arrival at OR Tambo thereby scrapping the requirement to obtain this visa in person at point / destination of departure .

Vuyani Christmas Party

A reminder to everyone that the Christmas Party for Vuyani will be hosted at Samara on 5 December 2015.  Please contact Jenny on should anyone want to book a suite over this period and participate in this very special event.

Great Reviews

24/10/2015 – Jurgen Herpich – Very relaxing place, friendly staff, out of the ordinary, all together and very agreeable stay. Can recommend it.

25/10/2015  – David Nunez – Amazing stay, beautiful location warm and welcoming staff and very knowledge ranger.Really enjoyed, will definitely come back!

25/10/2015 – Inaki Rodriguez – I had an incredible stay! I shall remember it the rest of my life. Thank you s much!

26/10/2015 – Van Haperen Burema Goosens – Thanks to Gibson for the amazing drives. Beautiful views Also many Thanks for the staff.

26/10/2015 – Philip & Jean – Words fail me!Fabulous Terrific experience. Thank you to all!!

Contact Mel @ for more information or to book.

Warm Wishes
Sarah Tompkins and The Samara Team

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