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July 16, 2015

Pumziko’s Volunteer Experience!

Pumziko’s Volunteer Experience!

Pumziko Safari Lodge is proud to be part of the project to build the Endallah Medical Clinic, which serves over 10,000 people. Let’s Make A Difference! Volunteer in Africa. Bringing Life-Saving, Basic Medical Care to Thousands in Need.

The Pumziko Volunteer Experience…
Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 to complete the staff and volunteer quarters. Additional funds will go to medical equipment, supplies, mattresses, blankets and much needed medical supplies for the Iraqw people. Volunteers who make the trip to Africa can expect to:
• Get your hands dirty and be involved in many aspects of the building process
• Experience the generosity of the Iraqw people
• Enjoy Cultural interactions with the local children
• Hike around the Great Rift Valley
• Fall asleep under the African stars after a good day’s work

The Ultimate Spa Therapy
Zanzibar has perfected world-class massage techniques and incorporates them with the islands’ myriad of spices, fruits and flowers. Banish your aches and cares with treatments inspired by the richness and tranquillity of Tanzania’s idyllic Zanzibar islands. See Details

Did You Know?
There are fewer than 30,000 lions in the wild? It’s always exciting to see who will show up at night and keep us entertained…. Lions, elephants and hyenas are our frequent guests depending on the time of year, but we can usually count on Heynas or Simba showing up most nights.

Special Introductory Rates for our 2015 6-Day African Safari Experience ONLY $998pp – 50% off retail.

With its remarkable location, Pumziko has the privilege of being the only lodge built in the raw, untamed bush at the heart of the Iraqw tribal homeland. A few of the experiences we offer:
• Luxurious private guest houses with over-sized bathtubs and outdoor showers
• 5-Star Jungle Dining Experiences
• Professionally-guided Jeep Safaris
• The Zanzibar Spa’s world-class massages
• Kilimanjaro Treks
• Exotic Cultural Encounters
• Breath-taking Animal Encounters
See Details

Special Event – September 12-18, 2015

Join us and our special guests for a Reiki Healing and Shamanic Wellness Retreat. Brighid Murphy is a Jikiden Reiki Instructor and Shamanic Healer. Jim Flavin is a Japanese Reiki Practitioner with a gift for helping people to open their hearts and embrace the life they are meant to lead. Highlights include:
• Explore Reiki healing techniques with Brighid & Jim
• Experience traditional Shamanic teachings with our Shamanic Practitioner, Brighid Murhpy
• Sleep in luxury jungle bungalows, with outdoor elephant showers and indoor bamboo tree showers, cozy fireplaces, and private, oversized decks with jungle swings
• Explore Lake Manyara National Park on an exciting Safari
See Details

Our Managing Director – Sherie Fenn

Over the past decade, through my experience in worldwide tourism, tour planning and operations, I traveled through Africa and fell deeply in love with it, arranging and leading tours in Africa, including a February 2011 climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro and a safari in Ngorongoro & the Serengeti. This amazing trip provided the Pumziko genesis and team. We are honoured and thrilled to have been able to realize our dream. Now, we invite you to join us and realize your own African dreams.

To book or for further information contact Mel @ African Travel Solutions Ltd

Tele: + 44 1476 530927 / Mobile: + 44 7780 579306
Karibu Pumiziko Safari Lodge! — Sherie

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