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April 25, 2015

Sabi, Sabi Newsletter April 2015

Lights, camera, action
A little to the right, turn your face to the sun, smile, keep still……! That’s the way to take a lovely picture when you have a willing, cooperative subject. It’s not quite as easy with wild animals in the Sabi Sabi bushveld, and game there is aplenty in this pristine part of the African Continent. Capturing special moments in beautiful photographs is the best way to preserve precious memories of your safari; frame-able pictures that you can show off to your friends. Sabi Sabi which has for a long time offered specialised photographic safaris, has just unveiled an innovative custom-made game vehicle for these very popular courses, with all the modifications necessary to take those perfect, close-up wildlife images. The new vehicle has cut out side panels for manoeuvring closer to the animals, swivel chairs to get the best position, and fixed camera stands to get that perfectly focussed image.

Shutterbugs of all levels benefit greatly from the expert tuition of highly qualified professional photographers. What an exciting way to brush up skills, learn new techniques and use technology to get the best photos yet on safari.
The digital age has made it easy for even a novice to take pictures, however capturing that exceptional photograph needs either lots of self-study and practice, or, a much nicer option, exciting on-site, hands-on instruction from an expert. The leaders of the photo safaris really know their stuff being highly skilled in their field, and they patiently share knowledge about lighting, lenses, filters, shutter speeds, action shots – giving as much advice as is needed. In the evenings while relaxing with a refreshing cocktail, post-production methods are discussed and the avid “students” get to see what can be achieved when editing their own images.

Sabi Sabi’s Big 5, unfenced reserve is the ultimate backdrop for photographers of all abilities. The sweeping landscapes and diverse habitats – thickets, plains, rivers, rocky outcrops and dry riverbeds are already great inspiration, even before adding the hundreds of species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles that abound in the bushveld.

Sabi Sabi has a quiet approach and respect for the environment which is evident on all game drives and bush walks. This philosophy extends as well to the photographic safaris, giving guests the opportunity of amazing up-close opportunities. Stunning images are then just a click away.
Cameras and equipment rentals are available. Please contact our office for more information on costs and booking your ultimate photographic safari :
African Travel Solutions Ltd.
Tele: + 44 1476 530927
Mobile: + 44 7780 579306

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