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November 1, 2014

Sabi Sabi Newsletter October 2014

Safety First at Sabi Sabi
No-one setting out on a luxury holiday anticipates having to deal with any illness or other emergency. However, should such an unwanted event happen to a guest at Sabi Sabi, the lodge team, backed by medical experts, is fully trained and equipped to handle the situation. And while every detail is carefully planned to ensure a memorable 5-Star, Big 5 safari experience, the wellbeing and safety of our guests is also a top priority. An extremely comprehensive prevention plan has been put in place with the focus on avoiding any potential problems. This includes every aspect of Sabi Sabi’s operations from monitoring food safety in the kitchens to testing the off-road driving skills of rangers; from firefighting training to security patrols. Even the chemical levels in the swimming pools are constantly checked for optimal levels.

Sabi Sabi guests have access to round the clock on-site medical assistance should the need arise. A member of the Safe-T team is on site, selected staff members at each lodge have been fully trained in dealing with all manner of emergencies, and every ranger also has to complete and receive their Level 1 first aid certification. A programme implemented by African SAFE-T (Safari and Adventure Emergency Team) allows any health related complaints, from minor ailments to more serious conditions and injuries to be dealt with by a fully trained medical team.
Traditionally, medical complaints in relatively inaccessible areas were dealt with by evacuation but the SAFE -T programme ensures an on-site response at Sabi Sabi, with evacuation only taking place if absolutely necessary. In serious cases, evacuation time is reduced to 30 minutes as opposed to several hours, which is usually the case on a remote reserve. A few months ago the lodge had a medical emergency requiring evacuation by helicopter. The quick arrival of the Sabi Sabi first responders who got to the patient in minutes, ensured a safe and happy outcome.

Fire in this area is always a threat, particularly in the winter months when the grasses are extremely dry. Sabi Sabi has regular fire drills for the staff, has invested in the very best firefighting equipment and has a professional system of firebreaks and controlled burns in place to stop the runaway fires which sometimes flare up in the surrounding areas. With the majestic Sabie and Msuthlu Rivers running through the reserve, flooding can also pose a potential hazard should there be heavy rains over the catchment area. The Sabi Sabi team has dealt perfectly with both fire and flood situations in its over 3 decades of existence, with not a single incident of injury to any guest.
So visitors can relax, enjoy their wonderful safari holiday and rest assured that all of Sabi Sabi’s emergency plans have been well and truly put to the test.

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