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July 17, 2011

Sabi Sabi Newsletter

Entertainment Bushveld Style

Sabi Sabi is situated in close proximity to the rural Shangaan villages of Huntington, Lillydale and Justicia, and it is from these communities that the lodges have, for the last 30 years, drawn most of their 200 loyal members of staff.

Wherever possible work is outsourced to local contractors – recycling services, waste removal, building projects etc, all providing a vital source of income. To the enjoyment of our guests, entertainment in the form of choirs, dancers and musicians, is also provided by our wonderful Shangaan neighbours.


For special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, themed dinners, or sometimes just as a special treat during a boma dinner, singers, drummers or dancers add a vibrant extra touch. Anyone who has ever heard the haunting harmonization of African Choirs, with the voices of men and women weaving extraordinary melodies, will attest to the beauty of the sound. In the quiet of the bushveld the traditional tunes or gospel songs are emotional and spellbinding. At times, to the delight of special guests, impromptu songs just for the occasion are made up on the spot. This entertainment is a firm favourite for all of our visitors, both international and local.

The drummers bring a different type of excitement. African drums are deep and dramatic, with resonant rhythms which echo across the land. Listen to a group of varying drum tones played from the soul by these talented local musicians – the sound is upbeat, foot-tapping and contagious, and will vibrate from your feet through your body for minutes after the music has ended. A drummed welcome at the airstrip is guaranteed to move even the most travel-weary visitor. Young dancers sometimes accompany the drummers or give their own spirited performance, and many an uninhibited guest has had the courage to join in and dance with the group.

These gifted local entertainers offer a small glimpse into traditional village life, where music, singing and dancing is part of the daily fabric of existence. These entertainment options are an additional charge, benefitting the various entertainment groups. For Sabi Sabi guests wanting a more in-depth cultural experience, there is the option of a very popular community tour led by an engaging tour guide – with profits going straight back to the village.

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Unexpectedly a wasp dove in, landed not too far from us and eagerly started making its way towards the caterpillar.


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a very big thank you!

There was a slight drizzle of rain on the morning of the wedding and Hugo and the team at Little Bush Camp had to change the venue from Fig Tree Crossing to Marula Plains

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