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January 12, 2012

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

With the increasing advancement of social media and cyberspace, it is now possible to send regular updates from deep within the African bushveld, sharing the excitement and news of happenings at Sabi Sabi with the entire world.

Using the latest technology, sophisticated camera equipment and stories brought back from safari, ranger Richard de Gouveia has been compiling a blog on the Sabi Sabi website. The blog tracks game drives, animal sightings and interesting happenings at the four lodges and is updated on a regular basis. Recent guests, past guests and those who would love to become guests have already been following the stories of what is happening on the reserve – from the recent heavy rains and abnormally high temperatures to the tracking of nocturnal predators – lions on the hunt, leopards stalking and hyenas on the prowl.

Those following the blog are becoming familiar with the resident cats on the reserve, and are “following” the territorial dominance saga unfolding because of the arrival of two huge ‘Kruger males’ who are intent on ousting the males of the resident Southern Pride. There is a beautiful male leopard mating with two well-recognised females, and Richard is monitoring their activity and posting photos and videos of these rare and unusual sightings. Wild Dogs have been seen right at the entrance to Bush Lodge, and have been followed and photographed chasing their prey at huge speeds across the reserve. Recently, vast herds of buffalo have been criss-crossing Sabi Sabi, and videos of the youngsters, females and enormous males have been attracting much attention on Twitter, YouTube and the Sabi Sabi website.

Richard writes his blog in the moment, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation in every paragraph. Far from this being a chore, Richard thoroughly enjoys recording each safari drive and is taking full advantage of the opportunity of sharing the amazing experiences that are a daily occurrence in the bush. The nature of the blog, Richard explains, allows him to publish some bush happenings that would be deemed too ‘grisly’ for the fortnightly Sabi Sabi newsletter. There are ferocious predator hunts, cut-throat chases and heart breaking deaths that are part of the natural cycle of life here.

In time, guest bloggers will be invited to share their bushveld encounters. The first of these “guests” will be the Sabi Sabi lodge managers who have spent so much time on the reserve, and have many personal stories and tales to tell. Also, professional photographers who lead specialist photographic safaris at Sabi Sabi will be showing their impressive wildlife pictures and will be giving hints, tips, and the history behind their photos.

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, all of which are captured by Richard, with input from the other rangers and trackers at Sabi Sabi. The blog, with its stories, tips and wonderful photographs will be providing a very real and interesting insight into the life and death struggles in the untamed bushveld.

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