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December 29, 2015

Samara & African Travel Solutions Ltd wish everyone the very best for 2016

First of all we wish all our Samara guests and friends a very happy Festive Season and all of the very best for 2016.

Samara’s cheetah have been frequenting one of their favourite folds of the Bouershoek mountains and discovering tender Springbok steak, way down South, where we have just reintroduced 100 of them.

When we stopped at one of our favorite spots two days ago, we found one of Sibella’s cubs walking along a jeep track away from us. After following on foot, she crouched down to drink at a muddy half-dried waterhole. The extended time that she spent lapping up a few drops from old Black rhino tracks reminded how much the Karoo would appreciate rain. She then unceremoniously flopped over in the shade, as if to say: “the show is over”. Her shiny coat and full belly told the rest: “I’m fine thank you, now go fret somewhere else.”!

Vuyani Christmas Party

Once again, the children of the Vuyani Safe Haven enjoyed their annual Christmas party at Samara and we thank all the generous donors who helped make it a rip-roaring success.

Ubuntu Visit

Every year a select group of Ubuntu Education Fund children who have excelled that year are hosted at Samara as reward for their efforts. They were taken to see cheetah and many of them had to overcome their fears of animals, which they did and we were very proud of them.  They saw black and white rhino and ventured up to Mountain retreat and went to see the bushmen paintings. The group was enthusiastic and beautifully mannered.

Karoo Lodge Veranda
Our guests have always enjoyed relaxing on the wide wrap around veranda at Karoo Lodge, soaking up the essence of the African bush.  Now they can look forward to doing this in style and greater comfort as we have just refurbished all the furniture on this popular spot.

Frozen Yoghurt Summer Tiramisu

• Make syrup with 150ml water and white 100g white sugar. Add 1kg frozen berries and bring back to the boil.
• Add ¼ cup crème de cassis.
• Then allow mixture to cool.
• Strain, reserving the juice.
•  Separate 4 eggs and beat together with 100g sugar till pale yellow, light and fluffy.
• Add 250g mascarpone to egg mixture.
• Whisk egg whites and fold into egg mixture.
• Soak approx. 35 – 40 boudoir biscuits few at a time in the reserved juices and begin layering the tiramisus follows soaked biscuits – fruit – mousse – soaked biscuits – fruit –mousse.
• Finish with mousse. Sprinkle with roasted flaked almonds and sifted icing sugar.

Great Reviews

25/11/2015 – Jan & Steve Cox – Thank you so much everybody for making such a special holiday! Great game drives, thanks to Jan and wonderful warm service and lovely food. A big thank you to everyone! See you again and take care!

25/11/2015 – Luke & Philipine – Thank you for these beautiful moments. Wonderful & original safari experience. We absolutely loved it.

25/11/2015- Wolfgang & Beate – Lovely, romantic setting and wonderful caring staff! All with big smiles!

27/11/2015- Sonja & Detlef Kohler – Never before approached the rhinos, cheetah and giraffes on foot and had a private eye-chat with them. Feel so welcomed and at home! Thank you to everyone who made Samara our second home for the last two days.

30/11/2015- Katja & Gerd Mathes – Thank you all so much for everything!!! It was a great adventure in this beautiful landscape with all the great animals! Such lovely staff!

02/12/2015 – Amy & Sue Rensburg – Thank you for a lovely stay! The bat eared fox pups were the best and fabulous to walk with Chilli the cheetah.

02/12/2015 – Gabriele & Olaf Bartsch  – We have been here the second time.  In 2006 it was perfect and we were very happy. And now it was the same but the staff changed, they are perfect and nice again.

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