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Dec 12, 2014

Samara “Foxes & Parties” Lost & Found

Sibella – Lost & Found
To the great consternation of the Samara team and some of our guests, Sibella disappeared and despite intensive daily searches, remained elusive for nearly a month. She was found two weeks ago to the great relief of many and it seems that the battery in her collar had died. Being an elderly lady cheetah, her condition was not great but she is currently being pampered, as she deserves, in our boma and is improving daily. Her collar will also be renewed. Garth Lucas of Talking Pictures, has been at Samara filming Sibella for a film on her remarkable life. As regular readers of our newsletter, you already know that a book will also be published about this queen of the savannah.
Vuyani Christmas Party

We hosted a Christmas party for the kids from Vuyani Safe Haven, Graaff-Reinet at Karoo Lodge. We were greeted by a group of excitable children each with a bottle of bubbles that got the games off to a quick start. A flurry of hugs, a few bubble blowing lessons and a couple of cricket games meant that there were smiles all round. We had some entertaining sack racing which even some of the Vuyani care takers got involved in. After running around in the sun all the kids were ready for a splash in the pool complete with water balloons and pool noodle fun. Everyone enjoyed hamburgers off the braai for lunch with sweets, chips and other goodies in between. By this stage the much anticipated arrival of Father Christmas was beginning to show on the excited faces. Father Christmas arrived in his tinsel-covered land cruiser and was welcomed by many screams and cheers from the children, each child and care taker received a gift which were opened enthusiastically. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying playing with their new gifts, eating ice creams and playing pass the parcel. The children then all sang a few songs which they had prepared for the occasion which was very humbling for all who were listening. We hope everyone had a fun day in the sun as we so enjoyed sharing some of the Christmas spirit!
Bat Eared Fox

Bat-eared foxes are small jackal like creatures with disproportionately large ears and a long bushy tail. At the volunteer camp we are lucky to see them nearby on a regular basis. Pairs of bat-eared foxes mate for life so we frequently see two together and have on occasion seen them running through the scrub followed speedily by three pups. We have managed to identify the location of their burrow, which they scamper off to if anything gets too close. They are nocturnal animals but we commonly see them in the morning and early evening, and with the recent rains at Samara, we have seen them out and about during the day too.
Festive Greetings

And last but definitely not least, Sarah & Mark Tompkins and the whole Samara team would like to wish everyone a peaceful and special Christmas spent with loved ones and only the very best for 2015!
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