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May 17, 2015

Samara Private Game Reserve “Travel Back In Time”

Picture yourself back in the 1700s in the heartland of South Africa – the Karoo. Imagine that the ground beneath your feet is vibrating with the arrival of millions of springbok – the trekbokke (Afrikaans for migrating buck). This was a migration which could put the modern day Serengeti migration to shame as these Springbok migrated in search of new pastures. There are accounts of people in Graaff-Reinet saying that they could not see for the dust for two weeks as the busk migrated through Graaff-Reinet and across the Samara plains. Nowadays there are still some herds of Springbok on Samara Private Game Reserve, a 70,000 acre award winning (Conde Nast Traveller Gold Award 2015) game reserve, but also so much more. Walk with the Cheetah, see the elusive Aardvark and experience the never ending views from the top of the mountain.
Established in 1786, this town was named after the Governor of that time – ‘van der Graaf’ and his wife -‘Reinet’. It was only the fourth district in the Cape to receive a seat of local government or a ‘Drostdy’. It is the fourth oldest town in South Africa and has much to offer. It is the birthplace of South Africans who made history such as Robert Sobukwe and Dr. Anton Rupert.
Today, Graaff-Reinet hosts arguably the most national monuments in this charming town and the ideal place to make your base is the newly refurbished Drostdy Hotel. It is picturesque, quaint and beautifully renovated to its formerly glory, boasting a top class restaurant and spa, and exquisite antiques – for the most amazing industry offer…. contact African Travel Solutions

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