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April 20, 2012

Selinda Canoe Trail

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first three seasons, it’s not difficult to catch up and get into it. Basically, what you’ve missed so far…

Season 1 – The Pioneers. 75kms of paddling and more paddling over 4 days. The first guests were the trailblazers. It was a bit Hawaii 5-O, with early starts and late arrivals into camp, and some overland dragging of canoes to deeper water. The Selinda Spillway waters from the Okavango and Linyanti met for the first time in 30 years mid-August.

Season 2 – The Not-So-Tricky Second Album. Would the water levels be high enough again? Yes they were, and the Spillway waters met mid-May this year. To give more opportunity for walking safaris and a more relaxed pace, the Selinda Canoe Trail was reduced to 45kms over the 4 days. Awesome game viewing!

Season 3 – The Establishment. The Selinda Canoe Trail establishes itself as a dry-season fixture in the Selinda Reserve for years to come with the waters, topped-up on already high water levels from previous years, meeting at the end of March. With higher water more channels open-up for exploration either side of the main channel.

Season 4 – The Romance. The Okavango waters met up with Linyanti waters this year on Valentines Day, ahhh. Exciting wildlife discoveries and adventures to be had. Episode 1 starts today, 20 April at around 1pm.

To bring yourself up to speed with the Selinda Canoe Trail watch a re-run of Season 3, Episode 1, which I produced below


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