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September 22, 2012

“Spring is in the Air”

Spring is in the air and Victoria Falls has been the hive of activity this month. From elephants wandering down the main road to crocodiles reminding us of their immense strength and bravery. As the temperature increases so does the adrenalin rush rafting down the Zambezi at Low Water. Here are two stories from Victoria Falls through our eyes. Welcome to our world…

African Ambush – The story of survival in the bush

A routine walk to the water hole on the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve recently resulted in a life-or-death struggle between one of Shearwater’s elephants and a hungry crocodile. Our elephants often go down to the water hole to drink in the evenings but this particular day involved a battle of titanic proportions. The female elephant, named Detema, was caught by surprise when a vicious crocodile lurking beneath the murky water surged out and latched onto the end of her trunk. She was brought down onto her hind legs but the eight year old elephant was not giving up. Despite the predator clamping down on her trunk with a crocodile’s legendary force, she used her incredible strength to shake off her attacker and fled from the water’s edge.
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Please help us to find a name for our baby boy – RHINO DAY 2012

This Saturday, September 22nd, marks the Third Annual World Rhino Day, when global collaboration aims to highlight the continued need for rhinoceros conservation. The day is a tribute to the remaining five rhinoceros species whilst also taking the opportunity to raise awareness.
The first World Rhino Day took place in South Africa in 2010 when the World Wildlife Fund got behind a campaign to bring awareness to the increase in rhino poaching being driven by new medical myths regarding the use of horn. World Rhino Day is bigger than ever this year with events being held in 11 countries so far and more events being announced around the world daily.
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