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April 17, 2012

Sundays River Mouth Guest House

Sundays River Mouth

The Sundays River is the third largest tidal-river in South Africa with boat access for approximately 14 Km upstream from the mouth.

The river tidal flow is relatively mild compared to the other large tidal rivers, thus making it and ideal Water-Sport River.

It is one of the few rivers that allow Jet-Ski’s and is a very popular playground for some of the finest Jet Ski’s around.

Fishing is excellent all year round with the main species caught being the “Spotted Grunter” and “Cape Silver Salmon”. Large ‘Diamond Rays” can be targeted in the summer months as well as “Shad” and “Leer fish”. The river is Shark free; however there is a huge concentration of Hammer-Head, Ragged Tooth, and Great White sharks outside the mouth in the sea.

Popular for Waterskiing and Rubber duck racing.

Access to the sea via the river mouth is not for the faint hearted, charter deep-sea fishing trips can be arranged with a highly qualified skipper who know the mouth. Access to and fishing off the resident jetty is included in the tariff of included in the tariff of the Sundays River Mouth Guesthouse.

Boats available to hire on request.

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