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January 26, 2013

Tanzania On Foot Company

About Tanzania On Foot Company

We are a relatively small company, owned and operated by Tanzanian expedition’s local guides. We don’t aim to be the most luxurious or the cheapest, but we do aim to give the best value for everyone travelling with us. During the booking process we need to act as your representative, guiding you through the vast range of alternatives and assisting you to choose the right elements to build into your trip we are specialized on Kilimanjaro Climbing , wildebeest migration safaris, Lodge Safaris, Camping Safaris, Walking Safaris, Cultural Tourism, and Kilimanjaro climbing with high success rates to the top.

Our Trip Notes:

The Trip Notes will be sent to you with your booking confirmation, as it is the final definitive statement of inclusions and trip details, and it forms an essential part of our booking contract with you. Both to assist your understanding and to avoid any misunderstandings, we strongly advise that you ask for the Trip Notes before booking.

Why Tanzania On Foot Company?

There are many Tour companies offering trips to Kilimanjaro but there is wide variation in what is being offered and we understand the details of difference between the variations on offer making Tanzania On Foot Company the best value in the tourism industry.

We pledge to provide a strict standard of service on all of our climbs, including:

• Professional, experienced, mountain guides
• Quality, waterproof, four-season mountain hardwear tents
• Quality Mess tents with table and chairs
• Large portions of fresh, healthy, nutritious food
• Clean, purified drinking water
• Private, portable chemical flush toilets
• Crisis management and safety procedures
• Fair and ethical treatment of porters
• Environmentally responsible trekking
• Summit Emergency Oxygen
• Pulse Oximeters
• Walking Poles
• Sleeping Mattress
• Emergency Evacuation by Flying Doctor Society of Africa.

Climb Kilimanjaro with Best Guides:

The importance of your Kilimanjaro crew cannot be underestimated. A quality guide and porters will make for a wonderful time on the mountain, while a mediocre staff can put your life in danger.
We spend a great deal of attention is put into finding the right staff. Each and every employee – guide, assistant guide, cook and porter – has been screened intensely prior to hire, and only the top performers are retained. Because of this rigorous process, we can ensure professional, high quality, consistent performance across the board.
When you climb with us, you climb with the best crew on Kilimanjaro, period.

Our local guides are experts on the mountain. Each of our guides is licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park, climbs Kilimanjaro around 20 times each year, and speaks English fluently.
Each guide has his own team of assistant guides and camp staff who work together on every climb. This frequent collaboration yields a team dynamic that translates into an unparalleled level of service on the mountain. On all Kilimanjaro trips we keep a ratio of three clients to one guide so every climber receives personal attention and encouragement.

Success is what we want during our trip. We are prepared for any urgent situation and also have in place a complete evacuation procedure in case of altitude sickness. We carry first aid supplies, supplement summit oxygen and Pulse Oximeters.

For further information on our services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us – Dave @ / Tele: + 44 (0) 1476 530927 / Mobile: + 44 (0) 7780 579306 for further details and bookings

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