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October 18, 2015

The Great Walk of Africa 2016 with African Travel Solutions

We’ve just completed our main season of 2015. This is our busiest time of year, which begins in early June and ends with the advent of the rains in mid-October. During these five months we operated many trips, including seven back-to-back full Great Walk of Africa safaris. We celebrated our 80th walk in September, with Iain completing his 70th walk in July.

70th Great Walk of Africa for Iain!

It just keeps getting better!

We’ve been walking in Tsavo since 1980, the Great Walk was inaugurated in 2003, and every year reinforces our belief that this magnificent safari just continues to improve, both from the point of view of the logistical complexities we have to deal with, and the quality of wildlife viewing.

The Great Walk in 2015 has been no exception. Elephant “moments” have been memorable, as have lion sightings. We’ve been seeing more leopards than in any other year (one safari in July saw five different leopards), and most departures this season have produced at least one. This is one of Africa’s most elusive animals, and few safaris in East Africa ever guarantee a sighting.

We never get bored guiding the Great Walk. Every safari is different, produces unique moments, as well as the essential unexpected. This is the reason why so many of our visitors return to do it again. They also return because the Great Walk personifies every aspect of the true African safari. This is no superficial African experience, it is aimed at those who seek a deeper understanding of this continent together with the highs and lows of modern wildlife conservation.

The Great Walk removes its participants far from the noisy crowds into unspoiled wilderness, the natural home of countless species of wildlife seen on its own terms.

Here are a few reasons for signing up on a Great Walk:
• Tropical Ice is the only company doing the Great Walk.
• It is a “real” African bush adventure.
• It’s a healthy pro-active safari, a perfect mix of hiking, camp time, and game driving.
• Our food has been written about in Gourmet Traveller. It’s all fresh and healthy.
• The camps are super-comfortable and every location along the walk is idyllic.
• Every walk is guided by either Iain or Alex, both Honorary Wardens of Kenya Wildlife Service.

Great Walk of Africa – DETAILED ITINERARY

Tropical Ice is now taking bookings for summer/fall 2016. The Great Walk of Africa
2016 Scheduled Departures:
February 21 – March 4
May 31 – June 12
June 12 – June 24
June 27 – July 9 August 21 – September 2
September 4 – September 16
September 18 – September 30
October 2 – October 14

We still have a few remaining spaces on our A PASSAGE THROUGH INDIA 2016:
January 31 – February 17 (1 double/twin remaining)
February 21 – March 9 (1 single – man sharing; 1 single – woman sharing remaining)

African Wildlife Safari
2016 Scheduled Departures:
March 6 – March 14
June 4 – June 12
July 9 – July 17
August 13 – August 21 August 27 – September 4
September 10 – September 18
September 24 – October 1

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