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November 1, 2014

“The Leopards Tail” Leopard Mountain October 2014

Good day to all our Leopard’s Tail readers!
Yipee! Rain has arrived… such relief. After just a few millimetres of rain you can almost watch the veld change from the dull browns of winter to the brilliant vibrant greens of summer. Soon we will be seeing cute baby Warthogs and the almost delicate baby Impala. What else does summer hold for us? Probably one of the most exciting events for this year…. the opening of Leopard Mountain Africology Spa. We can’t wait to share this with you!

Our Reserve
Sightings over the last month have been absolutely fantastic, especially in the case of cats. Cheetah and Lion sightings have been coming out of our ears! There has been a lion kill around every corner and they have even been nice enough to show a lucky few of us the tactics behind the hunt, from the cubs’ first stalk to the last breath of the dying animal. The sub adult Cheetahs have officially broken away from mom and are doing exceptionally well, making kills like they have been doing it for years already.

But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the animals have been hiding. The small amount of rain we’ve had has brought the park to life with fresh new shoots of yummy green grass and brightly coloured wild flowers. The animals have really taken to it and the breeding herds of Buffalo and Elephant couldn’t be happier with signs of their feeding throughout the reserve. Nectar-laden flowers are attracting many birds and Little Bee-Eaters, Broadbilled Rollers, a mating pair of Narina Trogons and a family group of Ground Hornbills were spotted. These are just some of the many wonders we have here.

As the reserve slowly turns green in amazing contrast to the dry winter grass we’ve had for so long, it’s nice to see even the Impala have a smile again.
This Months Competition
You could be the lucky person to win yourself and a partner a free night including dinner, bed & breakfast and game drives at the lodge. You may email us your answer to (Competition closes 5th of November 2014. Terms & conditions apply).

Solve this Riddle
What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?
To view last month’s competition Click Here
Last Month’s Winner Thank you to everyone who responded to our competition! The winner of our LEOPARD MOUNTAIN competition for September 2014 is Tim Driman. Congratulations! You have won yourself and a partner a free night.

To check availability, rates and place a booking, contact:
African Travel Solutions, 9 The Row, Village Street, Little Ponton, Lincolnshire, NG33 5BX
Tele + 44 1476 530927 / Cell + 44 7780 579306

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