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October 29, 2014

The Londolozi Family – “Live Safari”

The Power of One

This month we received the most wonderful and surprising news – Condé Nast Traveler announced the results of its 27th annual Readers’ Choice Awards with Londolozi Game Reserve recognised as the:
#1 Hotel in the World
#1 Safari Lodge in Africa
#1 Resort in South Africa

Whilst our team is overjoyed, we felt the best achievement was that Africa was so well represented as a whole! Congratulations to all properties who were featured and a huge thank you to those of you who voted.

What is the power of one? An individual moment can change everything, Africa teaches that to us every day… One minute you are marveling at the interconnectedness of an eco-system, how all the parts fit together in perfect chaos. An elephant gives birth to a tiny calf, nearby a young male leopard seeks to grow his territory. In the next moment, warm winds spur bushfires raging into life, a pride of lions defends its territory and then brings down a buffalo. Shortly after, heavy rains pelt the thirsty wilderness, stripping leaves and trunks, before delivering much needed water to the land. This magic number has so many contrasts.

It is this drama, this raw dichotomy of contrast that makes people come back to Africa again and again and again… Watching how the power of one tiny element can effect everything, you realize that it is all in the oneness. We are all part of one and the same thing. We are because of this place and because of you.

We are also excited to announce that our brand new app is available for free download on the iOS and Android operating systems. If you are visiting Londolozi this app is a must have for your trip. Complete with information about your stay with us, a digital animal checklist, photographic rental options, over 350 HD wildlife videos and the latest blog stories – this app has been created specifically to enhance your experience at Londolozi. Click on the buttons below to download.

And now, without further ado, enjoy the very best of this months blog …
Ranger Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat witnessed an elephant birth. Find out why this sighting is one of the highlights of his guiding career. Read More.
Lion Warfare: It has been a heated few weeks for the lion prides of Londolozi. Watch how the Mhangheni and Tsalala lions react to one another in a gritty battle.
The Return of the King: a male leopard of royal descent is moving in to claim the throne. Find out why the Piva Male is rising to prominence. Read more.
Transform your wildlife images. Focus on capturing that diamond glint. We show you how… Read more.
View our selection of 50 Outstanding Photographs to celebrate our 150th Week in Pictures. Read more.
Watch the ultimate battle between two of the iconic prize-fighters of the African bush. Read more.
Over the years, we have collected film clips that showcase sightings that, had they not been captured, we would hardly believe were true. Enjoy 15 of the Best-Ever Londolozi YouTube Videos – Click here.
A wildlife haven at your fingertips… FOLLOW US on Twitter for the latest news and images from Londolozi. Tweet, share and become a part of our wildlife community.
The Londolozi Live Safari Couture Book is the ultimate set of Londolozi memories. Customise your book with the inclusion of a personal image on the front page. Each book is hand-made and, by its nature, a limited edition. Find out More.
Until the next time…

Live your Adventure, Live Safari. Love
The Londolozi Family

To check availability, rates and place a booking, contact:
African Travel Solutions, 9 The Row, Village Street, Little Ponton, Lincolnshire, NG33 5BX
Tele + 44 1476 530927 / Cell + 44 7780 579306

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