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August 2, 2015

The Londolozi Family News Update

The Legends “Heroes get remembered but legends never die” – Babe Ruth

During July we celebrate legendary people and wildlife. We begin with people who have had a significant impact on our lives and those who continue to inspire us. Every year on 18 July we gather in recognition of the birthday of the late Nelson Mandela. This year the festivities included singing, dancing and 67 minutes of service – 67 minutes that symbolise the 67 years that Madiba spent serving his country.

At our bushveld home we have only to look around to recognise the many legendary people who have dedicated their lives to conservation practices. At Londolozi we are privileged to wake each day to explore the bush and its incredible wildlife. While we are able to do this, we also remember that this privilege would not have been possible without a small group of people who have worked tirelessly to bring us the Londolozi that we know today.

Legendary status does not only belong to people and because of this we have devoted a series of stories to Londolozi’s legendary lions and leopards – read our story below about the impressive life of the Camp Pan male leopard. As is the nature of the bush, we are always surprised by the sightings we come across and some of these unpredictable moments are documented below.

Simply scroll on to read our line-up of riveting stories.
An incredible sequence of two of Africa’s heavyweights in battle. Can you guess the outcome? Click here to find out.
See incredible photos and video footage of Mashaba’s cubs – exploring, playing and even climbing trees. Read More.
We honour Mandela’s legacy and celebrate his birthday with 67 minutes of service. Read More.

Inter-predator conflict can create the sighting of a lifetime. View five dramatic videos showing a few of the iconic rivalries of the African bush.
A river runs through it: an exploration of what makes the Sand River so special, and why it is such an integral part of the Londolozi experience. Read more.

Camp Pan: despite his old age and recent disappearance, his lengthy reign as the dominant male on the property has made him one of Londolozi’s most legendary leopards. Read more.

A Southern vine snake devours a Western stripe-bellied sand snake – click here to view this remarkable sequence captured by Londolozi Guest Sean de la Harpe-Parker.

For photography enthusiasts who have spent time in our Photographic Studio, click here to learn how to transform your images in our short video tutorial that explains the basics of post-processing with Lightroom.

The most beautiful bird in the bush: why the lilac breasted roller has us captivated with its interesting behaviours and striking colours. Read more.

Until the next time… Live Your Adventure, Live Safari, Love The Londolozi Family

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