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March 20, 2016

Uncompromising Adventure Since 1978 – The Great Walk of Africa with African Travel Solutions

Uncompromising Adventure Since 1978 – The Great Walk of Africa with African Travel Solutions
There are many reasons for heading into the African wilderness this summer, and America’s forthcoming election is just one of them…
After nearly five months of the best rains Kenya has seen in years, Tsavo is green, lush, and filled with a great atmosphere of expectancy.  During the rainy season the rivers lose their importance to the wildlife, the game disperses widely across over 8,000 square miles, seeking the safety of overflowing waterholes.
The rains have now come to an end, these waterholes are slowly drying up, and the elephants in particular are grouping together, preparing to move back towards the banks of the rivers.  Some of them will journey three hundred miles from the remotest corners of the park, following ancient migratory trails.  They will reach the spectacular Tsavo and Galana rivers by the end of May; other species such as buffalo, zebra, eland, oryx and giraffe will follow suit, and the lions will take up their customary locations as they lie in wait.
This is where our first Great Walk of Africa safari of the season will meet them at the beginning of June.  This first departure has always been a special one for us. The wildlife is plentiful, the park is beautiful, the sense of movement is thrilling.
The Great Walk of Africa won Outside magazine’s Trip of the Year in 2006, and was one of their chosen “bucket list” trips in 2012.

It is a safari which offers deluxe camping; gourmet food, and a wild combination of walking and game driving.  And, most importantly, it is private.

Tropical Ice has a concessionary agreement with the Kenya Wildlife Service, no one else is allowed into our area.  The Great Walk is an active safari, with a strong learning lean to it.  Every safari is guided by either Iain Allan or Alex Fiksman, both Honorary Wardens of the Kenya Wildlife Service, with an accumulated fifty years of experience in Tsavo.
The novelist Bryce Courtenay summed it up well:
“The African bush cannot be understood from the roof-hatch of a safari vehicle.  One must feel it to learn from it.  Tropical Ice’s Great Walk allows one the time to do this.  It is a journey that Africa was made for.  It delivered for me on so many levels: wildlife, landscape, history, and more importantly: a unique peephole into the magnificent soul of the African elephant.”
We still have some spaces remaining on our 2016 summer and fall departures:
The Great Walk of Africa 2016:

May 31 – June 12 (5 spaces remaining)
June 12 – 24 (Open)
June 27 – July 9 (1 space remaining)
July 17 – 29 (1 space remaining)
August 7 – 19 (Fully booked)
August 21 – September 2 (Open)
September 4 – 16 (6 spaces remaining)
September 18 – 30 (Open)
October 2 – 14 (2 spaces remaining)
All of our Great Walks accommodate a maximum of ten people. Contact Mel @ for 2017 departures.

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