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June 7, 2015

Visit one of the last unspolied places on earth “Tsavo” with African Travel Solutions Ltd

It is early June. Tsavo has received two months of good rain, the plains are healthy green, and there is a palpable air of expectancy across the countryside. The wildlife is beginning to stir. Towards the end of March the elephants, understanding that the rains were imminent, began to move away from the rivers, dispersing widely to the far corners of the 8,300 square mile park, fully aware of where the rains would strike first. Now the rain is beginning to ebb, the natural waterholes will dry up and crack, green will slowly give way to brown, and, anticipating this, the elephants are heading back towards the rivers. They will be closely followed by herds of zebra, cape buffalo, giraffe, impala and gazelle. It won’t take the lions and leopards long to realise that there is little sense in hanging around the waterholes; they too will move to the rivers to settle at their time-worn ambush points.

And this is where Tropical Ice will be for the next five months as this first weekend in June marks the start of The Great Walk of Africa 2015.

This season we have six departures ending in the middle of October. For us it is the most exciting time of our year. Walking along the Tsavo and Galana rivers as they meander across Tsavo is no chore for us, which is probably the main reason we’ve been doing it for 37 years. No two Great Walks are ever alike, each one forms its own personality, sees different game, and this is why so many of our visitors have done our safari, two or three – some four – times.
We’ve heard quite a few of our visitors say that one of the reasons they return to the Great Walk is to experience the ambience of our camps again: our smiling helpful staff; cook Kahiu and the gourmet quality of his food; the warm, faintly woodsmoke-smelling shower water; evening camp fire; overhanging palms; and the magnificent African sky.

We have only a few spaces remaining this season, but like the stirring elephants as they now move back towards the rivers, we’re starting to see people signing up for our 2016 departures. So, if you feel like a fabulous wildlife experience next year, far removed from the crowds with their tiresome phones and selfie sticks, consider a Great Walk in Africa where we can guarantee getting you away from it all.

And, if you have done our Great Walk please tell your friends about us.

A few Great Walk facts:

It is an unsurpassed African elephant experience. Our lion and leopard sightings are frequent. We hike an average of eight miles each morning following natural game trails. We pass through eight different camp locations. We game drive every afternoon.
Walkers carry only their light daypacks. All luggage is carried by vehicles. One is never committed to walking. We have experienced driver/guides for those who wish to take a day or two off and game drive instead of hike.

2015: Departure dates of spaces remaining trips

June 28 – July 11 (Fully booked) July 12 – 25 (Fully booked) July 26 – August 8 (3 spaces remaining) August 16 – 29 (Fully booked) September 6 – 19 (Fully booked) September 27 – Oct 10 (1 space remaining)

2016: Departure dates

February 21 – March 4 – June 26 – July 9 – July 17 – 29 – August 7 – 19 – August 28 – September 9 – September 18 – 29 – October 2 – 14

Contact Mel @ for more information or to book the amazing Great walk of Africa

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