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October 5, 2012

Viva Safaris Newsletter September 2012

As a young boy, I recall being awakened by the crowing of roosters at my grandmother’s home. Since then regulations prohibit the keeping of poultry in urban areas in SA. However Nature has made a plan : these days I am awakened by the raucous calls of the Hadeda Ibis, Bostrychia Hagedash.

The Hadeda is named onomatopeically – its call consists of a series of Haa ‘s and Haa – dee- daa’s. It has spread its range in South Africa as a result of the planting of large trees in urban gardens. It nests on the branches of large trees. The Hadeda is the gardeners’ friend as it serves a useful purpose in aerating the ground while it probes for grubs and insects with its long curved beak.

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